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YelloPain and Sevyn Streeter teach the people in “My Vote Will Count” visual

The Ohio rapper breaks down the importance of voting for his latest.

YelloPain and Sevyn
YelloPain and Sevyn
Video screenshot

When it comes to use your voice to represent change, YelloPain is one of the main hip hop artists doing so at a time when our communities are at war with the government and its arms of authority. Back in January, he released a single titled “My Vote Don’t Count,” which sees him breaking down the reasons why many of us choose to avoid voting for president of the United States. He also uses the Sauce W8ed Down-produced effort to explain why it is especially crucial to use your right to vote for all other parts of the American government:

“First thing first, you know back in middle school, when they taught us, it was three branches of government? We forgot it when we got older/

It’s the Judicial, the Legislative, and the Executive, but all we know is the Executive, that’s the mayor, or governor, and the president/

Now none of them three people make no laws, they just be checking ‘em, the laws come to they desk and all they do is say, “No” or “Yes” to it.../”

Since then, the Ohio artist updated the powerful track with “My Vote Will Count,” which adds Sevyn Streeter to the cut and focuses more on why we need to vote, and who we need to vote for. The song also sees an accompanying visual that begins with Sevyn witnessing police brutality and the lack of response from others. Yellopain is then found trying to spread the message of voting in a barbershop, while coaching a basketball game, and during a dice rolling session with his homies.

Press play on “My Vote Will Count” below. Given the type of subject matter in his music (from sexual assault and drug abuse, to family issues and sex miseducation), it’s hopeful that there is plenty more to come from YelloPain sooner than later.

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