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Portland protesters file lawsuit against Trump administration over violent federal agents

The federal agents have used tear gas, rubber bullets and more against the protesters.

Portland protesters AP

Groups of Portland, Oregon protesters have filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over the violent use of force that the federal agents have used towards them during the protests.

On Monday (July 27), the Wall Of Moms, Don’t Shoot Portland, Black Lives Matter and other groups filed the suit alleging that federal agents used violent tactics to “stamp out peaceful and constitutionally protected protest.” The suit states that the agents “are not trained to police mass protests protected by the first amendment” and have been used to end protests and “betray a foundational principle of American Democracy.”

“Rather than protect and defend Plaintiffs’ constitutional rights, as they are bound to do by law and their oaths of office, Defendants have implemented an unlawful policy to quash Plaintiffs’ speech and end their protests,” the suit says.

In the lawsuit, the moms say they have been “tear-gassed night after night, left vomiting and unable to eat or sleep because of the toxic poison blasted at them. They have been shot at over and over — with rubber bullets, bean bags, pepper spray and a range of other projectiles fired at close range and with brutal effect. They have had flash-bang explosive devices detonated right in front of them.”

Earlier this month. Donald Trump sent the federal gents to Portland as protests continued following the killing of George Floyd. Different videos have surfaced on social media showing authorities without identification in unmarked vehicles arresting protesters across the city.

On Monday night, Mayor Ted Wheeler called a meeting with US Department of Homeland Security leadership “to discuss a cease-fire and the removal of heightened federal forces.” He and many others were tear-gassed during the protests on July 22. He reportedly wanted to hold “listening sessions” with the protesters to hear their opinions on how things were being handled in the city.

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