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Texas lawmakers to introduce police reform bill named after George Floyd

“His memory will never be forgotten,” said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

George Floyd Getty

During a George Floyd rally at Houston’s City Hall on Tuesday (June 2), Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and Rep. Al Green announced their plans to introduce new police reform legislation that will honor the late Houston native.

“It is time for a revolution of change for the dignity of all of us, no matter what our color,” Rep. Jackson Lee said. “We will name a bill in the United States Congress of the United States of America after George Floyd. To be able to have his memory to never be forgotten, never be ignored.”

“We have declared a war on poverty, we declared a war on drugs, we declared a war on cancer. It’s time to declare a war on racism,” added Rep. Green.

According to Houston’s KHOU 11, Rep. Jackson Lee’s upcoming bill will introduce “revolutionary legislation” and a “new culture for police and for policing,” as well as guidelines for police recruitment, deescalation training and accreditation. The legislation will reportedly be introduced on Thursday (June 4).

Bun B also pleaded with lawmakers during the rally for government accountability when the police do not police themselves.

“I plead with them today to create legislation to help us fight this serious disease [racism],” the UGK rapper and Texas native said.

“When police can’t police themselves, that we the power have a voice because we are the dogs in this fight,” he continued. “When the police departments of America can’t police themselves, we need independent review boards with subpoena power to hold them accountable, to have them arrested and have charges brought against them. And that takes legislation.”

The police killing of Floyd in Minneapolis has sparked national outrage as well as an outpour of mourning and remembrances from his family, friends and those who knew him as a staple in the Houston rap scene. Retired NBA player Stephen Jackson — who grew up with Floyd — previously mourned the loss of his “twin” on Instagram.

“Floyd was my brother, man. We called each other twin,” Jackson said tearfully. “Everybody know, me and Floyd called each other twin.”

Likewise, fellow Houston native Megan Thee Stallion recently donated over $10,000 to the local Restoring Justice nonprofit in order to assisting Houston protesters with bail. “I love my city!” she said on Instagram.

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