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6ix9ine testifies that Jim Jones is a Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods member

Day three is upon us.

@6ix9ine // Instagram

Day three is here and 6ix9ine has taken the witness stand yet again.

For his testimony on Thursday (Sept. 19), 6ix9ine alleges that Jim Jones is a member of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. “He’s a retired rapper,” 6ix9ine said when asked about Jones. The prosecutor proceeds to ask the 23-year-old if he is a Nine Trey member to which 6ix9ine replies “yes.”

It comes as a complete shock that Jones’ name was mentioned. Back in June, the Bronx rapper sat down for an interview with The Cruz Show. During his time there, Jones revealed that he wasn’t too fond of 6ix9ine and doesn’t imagine his career returning.

“We can’t, we not – his history is erased. We not even gonna say what we like… He did some actions that he can’t come back from so his name is non-mentionable.” Jones added, “I don’t know what he could do” but later added “You a rat? You a rat forever… Ain’t no coming back from that so that’s not a subject that we don’t even have to touch on.”

Throughout his trial, 6ix9ine has admitted to robberies, ordering a hit on Chief Keef, a shooting at Barclays Center in New York City and more. The “Gummo” rapper’s testimony is a part of his plea deal. As of right now, 6ix9ine is looking at 47 years minimum in prison.

This morning (Sept. 19), 6ix9ine’s alleged kidnapping video surfaced online. The eight-minute footage shows 6ix9ine pleading with men as they demand his valuables. Elsewhere, 6ix9ine is told to exit the vehicle after making a complete stop.

“I’m pleading with Harv,” 6ix9ine said in the courtroom on Wednesday (Sept. 18). “I’m telling him, ‘Don’t shoot. I gave you everything. I put money in your pocket.’ I told him that I was tired of being extorted.”

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