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Big Boi defends his Super Bowl halftime performance

Big Boi is keeping his same energy.

The 2019 Super Bowl was a big deal due to the mass amount of celebrities pledging to boycott the event in solidarity of former 49er Colin Kaepernick. However, Big Boi of OutKast sang a different tune and refused to join the protests. In fact, he performed at the halftime show alongside headliners Travis Scott and Maroon 5.

Fast forward seven months later, Big Boi says he does not regret his decision. During an appearance on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning, the OutKast member defended his halftime show performance. “With the NFL protests, people say they’re protesting, but at the same time, it’s selective protests,” he said. “So you got people playing fantasy football. You’re not so supposed to be doing that. People gambling on the games. You’re not supposed to be doing that. People going to the game. How you going to protest, and you’re still participating?”

He continued, “... If Julian Edelman was the only motherf—ker out there running routes, and it was no black players on the field, ain’t no way in hell I would’ve performed at the Super Bowl. But the city was there, everybody was there. You can’t just pick and choose and be selective. You’re either all in or you’re all out ... I’mma think for myself and I’mma do what I know what I wanna do. And do what’s right for me and my people.”

Big Boi then said that he would have felt like a hypocrite had he turned down the opportunity to perform at the halftime show because he watches NFL games regularly and even streams his reactions on Instagram. “You can’t [be] selective and do a protest when it’s convenient for you. I’m against police brutality—I’m against all that sh-t,” he said. “Me and Killer Mike made a song, ‘Rabbits Revenge’ (with Tom Morello). I ain’t hear nobody press play on that motherf—ker. We actually spoke on Sandra Bland and Tamir Rice and everybody.”

The Atlanta rapper added, “I do stuff around the city of Atlanta. People see me in the streets of Atlanta, molding the minds of young kids, as well as speaking up for our people…I’ve been doing it.”

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