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5 of T.I.’s best political moments

The rapper/activist will be featured in the "Trap the Vote: Hip Hop & Politics" panel at the REVOLT Summit in Atlanta. In honor of the upcoming event, let's reflect on T.I.'s best political moments.

T.I. // Artist Instagram

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T.I. is undoubtedly one of the most outspoken critics in hip-hop.

The Atlanta native continues to use his platform to speak out on pressing issues in today's society. Throughout his career, Tip has participated in protests, boycotts and social justice movements in hopes of making a difference for the next generation. During an interview with The Undefeated, T.I. explained that he is proud to be the voice of a generation that sometimes feels voiceless.

"Ever since the beginning of my career, I've always … been proud to say I was the voice for the voiceless," Tip revealed. "It's just that, that voice changed. The purpose of the voice changed, over time. I think that the state of the nation, things are going on right now. As a father, as a human, it's hard for me to see that and not utilize whatever influence I may have to try to affect the world in a better way, so my children will live."

That's why REVOLT is so excited to have the rapper/activist be featured in a political panel at the REVOLT Summit in Atlanta. The panel will offer wise words about the importance of making your voice heard in the 2020 election. Alongside Tip, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, and political journalist Eboni K. Williams will partake in the conversation, as well.

So, in honor of the upcoming event, we here at REVOLT have taken a trip down memory lane to reflect on T.I.'s best political moments. Check them out below.

1. T.I. boycotts Gucci

Back in February, Gucci faced a ton of backlash for a black balaclava sweater from their 2018 "Fall Winter" collection. The $900 top featured a largemouth cover with red lips on it. After images of the sweater hit the internet, many viewers accused the brand of using blackface. Although Gucci apologized and removed the item, that didn't stop T.I. from sharing his thoughts on the situation with his fans.

The "Why You Wanna" spitter encouraged his fans to boycott Gucci for their blatant disrespect. A month later, the Atlanta native encouraged a fan who he spotted wearing Gucci to invest in other clothing brands. "Stand up for yourself, brother," T.I. said in a video posted on Instagram. "It's what's in you, not what's on you. That s—t ain't s—t until we put it on! We make that s—t fly! Look at me, n—a. I'm fly as a motherf—ker and I ain't got that s—t on."

2. T.I.'s releases a music video with Melania Trump lookalike

Last year, Kanye West caught a lot of heat for continuously meeting with President Donald Trump. As a result, T.I. released a one-minute music video in which he takes shots at Trump and his wife, Melania. In the visual, the Melania lookalike walks around the oval office in a NSFW outfit. "Dear 45, I ain't Kanye," T.I. simply wrote in addition to the video.

3. T.I. protests against Atlanta restaurant for reported racist actions

Two years ago, Tip stopped supporting Houston's Steakhouse after multiple accusations regarding discrimination were made. The restaurant was accused of turning away African-American customers by refusing to serve them. After hearing four different discrimination stories, T.I. boycotted the restaurant. For his explanation, T.I. reasoned that he can't support a business that doesn't support his people. Although the restaurant stated that the claims of discrimination are inaccurate, that wasn't enough to change Tip's mind.

"We have closed the Houston's down for the moment, indefinitely," Tips says in the video, which was recorded at the protest. "When they figure out how to treat us, they can open back up."

4. T.I. speaks out on gun control

Back in February 2018, T.I. spoke on the unfortunate Parkland shooting, which resulted in the death of 17 students. While speaking with TMZ, T.I. explained that the system is broken. The ATL actor believes that citizens should have access to guns, however, he also believes that there should be new regulations put in place. "You should probably make it more difficult for people who aren't mentally stable to have guns," he said. "If you lose the right to bear arms as a citizen, then it's easy for the government to enslave people."

He continued, "People think the felons are the ones that's causing all of the problems, but it seems as though people who have been given guns licenses, who have bought guns legally, are the ones that are causing mass hysteria. I think our system is broken."

5. T.I. blasts police brutality

Last year, T.I. was arrested after getting confronted by a security guard outside his gated community. Following that incident, Tip went to social media to blast police brutality. In his post, T.I. stated that there is an abuse of power by policemen in the United States. Before wrapping up his thoughts, T.I. emphasizes the importance of people sticking together and making a positive impact.

"I don't care what color you are or how much money you have or don't have… we as Americans (or just human beings) have God Given Fundamental Rights that MUST BE ACKNOWLEDGED AT ALL TIMES!!!! And all of US who just sit back and watch it happen again and again while saying nothing….are just as guilty as the perpetrators!!!! It's time to come together and do what's right!!! Not just for ourselves but for the standard of living of our children and their children…. otherwise WE AINT S--T!!!! #USorELSE," he wrote.

If you love Atlanta stars and hip hop, you'll definitely want to join us and AT&T in the ATL on Sept. 12- Sept. 14 for our three-day REVOLT Summit, which was created to help rising moguls reach the next level. Head to for more info and to get your passes now!

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