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Michael Rubin recalls how Allen Iverson helped out with Meek Mill's case

The 76er's co-owner shares a previously untold story about the basketball icon's involvement.

Hot97 // YouTube

Earlier this year, Meek Mill's impassioned purpose to help make a tangible impact on reforming the criminal justice system led to the formation of the REFORM Alliance. The group of key executives in sports, entertainment and business share a common dedication to help utilize their platforms and resources to raise awareness, working to address topics such as cash bail, probation and systemic racism.

During an appearance on Hot 97, Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin sat down with the "Ebro in the Morning" show to discuss his own personal interest in criminal justice reform, as well as touch on how the REFORM Alliance is working towards their collective pledge to get 1 million people of prison in a span of the next five years.

The conversation that ensued covers a lot of ground, with Rubin reminding those tuning in that the group's successes have been made possible thus far with the help and support of others.

During the interview, Rubin explains how legendary Sixers player Allen Iverson ended up playing an integral role in Meek's case.

"We have this investigator that's working non-stop for us and we found a family that's been tortured by [Meek's] judge," Rubin says, around the 55-minute mark. "I remember calling Allen and saying this guy's a big fan of yours I need you to call him for me... Because everyone's scared of the judge and here's a not well off family that's been tortured by this judge... and I called Allen and said like, 'I need you to get these people comfortable enough to talk to me.' Allen called them and spent 20 minutes on the phone with them because he wanted to help Meek and help the situation because he cared that much."

In addition to utilizing his influence and helping break barriers in Meek's case specifically, Iverson is helping set an example for others to follow in the fight against inequality and discrimination, especially in the criminal justice system at large.

Take a look at Michael Rubin discussing how Allen Iverson was an asset in Meek's case in the video below.

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