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Lil Xan is being investigated for assault with a deadly weapon

The rapper could be facing a possible felony over a recent gun-pointing incident.

Lil Xan // Artist Instagram

Lil Xan made headlines on Monday (June 10) after video was released capturing an argument he got into with a man while at a gas station. During the incident, which was sparked by the California native's opinion that Tupac's music is "boring"--a controversial comment that was made in conversation with REVOLT TV last year--the 22-year-old rapper can be seen pulling a gun out as he gets into a vehicle.

While Lil Xan can claim he brandished the weapon in self-defense, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department are currently investigating the matter. According to a report from TMZ published on Tuesday (June 11), the incident could result in Lil Xan facing a possible felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

As reported, the alleged victim went to the police after his run-in with the rapper. Given that an official police report was filed, police are now looking closely into the situation, including pulling video from nearby security cameras. If additional footage is recovered from neighboring businesses and a high-rise residential building, there may be more context to consider than what was already obtained and released by TMZ.

As fans can witness for themselves, the existing video of the incident captures the "Betrayed" rapper holding a gun as he and a man, who is off-camera, exchange harsh words with one another.

As pointed out by TMZ, although Lil Xan never fired his weapon, it could still result in a serious felony charge if the alleged victim feared he may be shot and felt that his life was in danger. Currently, detectives from LAPD's Robbery-Homicide Division are looking to speak with Lil Xan in order to get his side of the story. As their investigation continues, officers could very well present their case to the D.A.'s Office, or get a warrant out for Lil Xan's arrest.

Lil Xan took to Instagram to comment on the matter, noting that he only resorted to revealing his gun because he thought he was about to be attacked. Depending on how the situation unfolds, Lil Xan could be charged with a felony and could face a maximum sentence of 4 years.

As previously reported, Lil Xan found himself in the hot seat after his 2018 commentary about Tupac. After expressing that he felt Tupac's music was "boring," he felt the weight of his remarks on several occasions, including being chased by angered fans of the late legendary rapper.

While such past incidents may strengthen Lil Xan's defense that he was acting in response to feeling threatened, the rapper's fate currently lies in the hands of investigating authorities. More on this as it develops.

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