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Meek Mill allegedly denied at Vegas hotel because of prior fight

The rapper's lawyer denies the accusations.

Meek Mill // Artist Instagram

Did a prior fight lead to Meek Mill's denied entry at Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas this weekend? According to the venue's sources, that would be the case.

On Monday (May 27), TMZ reported the hotel/casino is denying Meek's accusations that his blacklisting from the venue was racially motivated. The sources told the publication the "Going Bad" rapper was barred from entering because he previously "fought with security guards" at the hotel.

However, Meek's attorney, Joe Tacopina, quickly shot down the accusations. "Yesterday, when this incident unfolded, the chief security guard could not articulate a reason why Meek was denied entry and threatened with arrest," he told the outlet. "They've now come up with some fabricated claim through an anonymous source that Meek was involved in a fight on their property."

According to Tacopina, "the racist hole that they [Cosmopolitan] have dug for themselves has just gotten deeper." He also challenged the hotel to "produce a video of such altercation or a contemporaneous incident report." Meek's lawyer adamantly denied his client was involved in such an incident.

On Saturday (May 25), the 32-year-old posted footage of his encounter with a Cosmopolitan employee who told him, "Here's the deal. You're on private property. At this time, with the information that we have, we're refusing to do business with you."

When he pushed for more answers about why he was being denied entry, Meek was told, "We have the right to do that," as shown below.

Meek labeled the ban as "racist" and accused the venue of doing this to other prominent black entertainers. "Some of these casinos have a bunch of [tactics] to keep the level of blacks down ... but love to take our money!" he wrote. "This happens to a lot of black entertainers not just me [...]"

Cosmopolitan has yet to respond to Tacopina's request for footage or an incident report of a fight between Meek and a member of its security guard service at press time. Keep reading to see Meek's Instagram post from the ordeal ahead.

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