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Getaway driver in Nipsey Hussle’s fatal shooting under investigation

After initially releasing the driver without charges, the LAPD is now "actively investigating" the woman that allegedly helped Eric Holder flee the scene.


Los Angeles authorities are still investigating the getaway driver in the fatal shooting of Nipsey Hussle.

In a new video obtained by TMZ, the getaway driver is seen assisting Hussle's alleged killer Eric Holder flee the scene. The footage shows Holder running down an alley and getting into a car on the passenger side after the shooting. The vehicle then speeds off.

Sources claim that Holder was initially seen driving the car when he originally parked at the strip mall parking lot where Hussle's Marathon Clothing Store is located in Crenshaw. The female driver allegedly waited inside the vehicle while Holder got out to talk to Hussle.

TMZ reports that after the first exchange, Holder went to a burger joint in the strip mall before he and the woman in the car drove to an alley connected to the parking lot of the Marathon store. Allegedly, that's when Holder went back and shot Hussle, Kerry Lathan, and another unnamed man. The woman reportedly kept the car running while she waited.

When originally questioned by police, the woman told authorities she didn't know Holder had a gun and she was unaware of his intentions to kill Hussle. She was released shortly after. Holder has pleaded not guilty.

"Sometimes you have to give a little to get a lot," unnamed law enforcement sources told TMZ. Los Angeles police are "actively investigating" the getaway driver.

Since Hussle's death last month, the Marathon Clothing Store has seen a vast increase in sales. Rappers like T.I., 2 Chainz and Meek Mill have made major purchases and employees are working around the clock to fulfill orders from fans around the world.

Sales have increased "at least 100%, I know for sure," Marathon employee Boutabag Wicced told The Guardian. "Since the incident everything has picked up a lot," he continued. "It went out the roof. We always had a steady flow, online orders; since the incident, it's ridiculous. But we got a team of volunteers to help push out the packages. We're around the clock, pushing out packages. If you ordered some of the merchandise, it's being sent to you."

Boutabag believes the purchases are about more than the merch, but it's about a "whole new way of life" for fans. "People are really trying to change and that's what Nipsey pushed for."

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