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Kodak Black says he punched Onyx's Sticky Fingaz because he didn't 'like his old head energy'

Kodak didn't say when the incident occurred, but this story is hella wild.

The Breakfast Club

Kodak Black has been known to troll the generations of rappers that came before him, but his most recent story involving Sticky Fingaz of Onyx fame is exceptionally bizarre.

During a recent Instagram Live broadcast, Kodak discussed an alleged incident in which he punched the "Slam" rapper in the face because of his "old head energy."

"I ain't like his old head energy, 'cause I don't really like older people like that," Kodak said during the broadcast. "I'm a '90s baby. I don't got no respect for y'all. So, this n^gga he was on my bus, like—I ain't never say this, but tonight I'm gonna say it. This fuck n^gga, he was playing crazy on my bus, and I ain't like that. I ain't even know why my cousin let this fuck n^gga [on the bus] or where he met this n^gga at. I ain't like how he was dancing, I ain't like energy. I ain't like his little '70 baby, '80 baby, whatever his generation vibe [...] I punched that n^gga dead in his shit."

Later on in the video, Kodak claims he snatched Sticky Fingaz's backpack and began to search through it. Kodak said he found a gun inside of his bag and found out it was fake when he tried to use it on the East Coast rap veteran.

"I grabbed his bag, right. I threw it, and I went in that bitch; he had a gun in there, dawg," Kodak said. "When I tried to shoot the n^gga, his gun was fake. I'm like, man, what the fuck? This n^gga an actor n^gga, man."

The rapper didn't say when this alleged incident occurred, and so far Sticky Fingaz hasn't responded.

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