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YG confronts fan who didn't sing along to his anti-Trump anthem

The Compton rapper requires fans to participate for this one.

Anthony Boreland // REVOLT

YG has made it crystal clear how he feels about the current administration in the United States. His campaign against Donald Trump continues, with his definitive single "FDT" still a cornerstone of his live show several years after its initial release in 2016.

In keeping that same energy, the Compton rapper recently performed the track during a tour stop at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona. However, one fan apparently didn't get the memo to sing along to the words and subsequently found themselves being singled out.

While running through the political anthem, YG noticed that one fan in particular wasn't rapping along to the hook, which aptly repeats "F--k Donald Trump."

The 29-year-old rapper then called out the fan, asking why they weren't joining in on the track.

"You didn't sing not one f--kin' lyric," YG noted during the March 6 show. "I was watching you. You didn't say that s--t at all. Then I asked you what your nationality is, you said you white. Then I was like 'Oh, OK. It makes sense.'"

He then observed how the guest in question was sporting some 4Hunnid merch, forcing the rapper to hesitant whether or not to address the fan. Despite her outward support of his label, YG decided not to let it go.

"I walked up and I looked dead in your face and you wasn't singing no lyrics," YG said, defending his actions. "So I'm like, 'OK, I got something for that person.' So listen, I wanna ask you a question. Is you with Donald Trump or no?"

From there, YG then succeeded in helping the fan redeem themselves by shouting "F--k Donald Trump."

Needless to say, let this be a lesson for those in attendance of a YG show. When it's time for "FDT," hopefully you know what to do. If not, be warned. There's a solid chance YG won't let it slide if future attendees choose not to partake.

Take a look at video footage of how the incident went down in the clips below.

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