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YouTuber Jake Paul wants to pay Soulja Boy $20M for boxing match

Who'll be watching?!

Soulja Boy is having a monumental year so far and it's only February. As the rapper continues to make headlines for his now-iconic "Breakfast Club" interview and for allegations that he kidnapped a woman, it turns out his 2019 is far from getting any less eccentric or conversational.

During a session on Instagram Live with YouTuber Jake Paul this past weekend, the two traded shade at one another before Souja proposed the two settle their differences once and for all in the boxing ring. Soon thereafter, Paul decided to up the stakes.

According to a new interview with TMZ, the famed YouTuber is willing to offer up $20 million to make their idea of putting together a boxing match a reality. Given the fact Paul has over 17 million subscribers on YouTube and Soulja Boy's has his own digital influence, the pair could end up making a business savvy decision if they decide to move forward.

"I'm trying to fight him. I know it will blow up," he said. "I don't like some of the stuff he's recently done but it's like, it's more business."

When asked what bugs him the most about Soulja Boy's antics, Paul responded, "There's just a lot of controversy around him and I think people would love to see him get knocked out," going on to add, "I'm sure people would want to see me get knocked out. So, I think that's why it would be a big fight."

Paul then kept it simple by saying that he's down to duke it out as soon as Soulja Boy's management puts together a contract.

Recently, Soulja Boy found himself at the center of an allegation from a woman said to be his ex, who claimed the rapper kidnapped her after an argument went south. Soulja denies the allegation, saying it is 100% fabricated.

Take a look at Jake Paul accepting Soulja Boy's boxing challenge in the clip below.

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