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YNW Melly accused of staging double murder to look like drive-by shooting

The autopsy report revealed some new forensic evidence.

Broward Sheriffs Office

New information has surfaced regarding YNW Melly's murder case. The rapper, who is facing double murder charges, is being accused of staging the shooting incident to look like a drive-by.

According to court documents that were filed in Florida's Broward County on Feb. 14 and made available online this week (Feb. 25), evidence from the scene conflicts with the claim the deaths of Christopher "Juvy" Thomas Jr and Anthony "Sak" Williams were the result of a drive-by shooting.

Per the forensic evidence, it is likely the two men were shot from within the Jeep Compass instead of from the outside of the vehicle. When YNW Bortlen, who is also facing a double murder charge in connection with the incident, drove the victims to the hospital on the night of the shooting (Oct. 26, 2018), he told authorities the gunshot wounds were due to a drive-by shooting.

"Evidence from the autopsy revealed that both victims' wound paths to their heads were from a left to right direction," the documents state. "This directly contradicts the statements made by Henry and do not support the statements of a drive-by shooting that occurred on the right side of the vehicle."

Cops also add that a single ".40 caliber shell casing was found inside of the vehicle on the floorboard of the left rear passenger side," which could possibly implicate Melly as the one who fired the weapon. Police found eight matching shell cases in a different location, leading them to believe Bortlen lied in his initial statement detailing what had happened.

Police also note that Melly and Bortlen had driven around with the bodies in the car "for a period of time" before bringing the victims to the emergency room. Both victims were pronounced dead upon arrival to Miramar Memorial Hospital at 4:35 A.M.

Recently, the Kanye West collaborator was connected to the shooting of Vero Beach deputy Gary Chambliss in 2017 by authorities looking to gather more information in their investigation.

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