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Justine Skye claims police were "disrespectful" when she tried to file report against Sheck Wes

The singer continues to be transparent about her experiences.

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After previously speaking about the domestic abuse that she had suffered to the hosts of "The Breakfast Club," Justine Skye decided to name Sheck Wes as the person responsible for her physical assaults.

In the aftermath of her decision to out the "Mo Bamba" rapper as her alleged abuser, the singer went to the police station in an attempt to file a police report. On Tuesday (Feb. 12), Skye shared her experiences on Instagram, using it as a vehicle to showcase how difficult it can be for victims to move forward with pursuing next steps and subsequent legal action.

"Different precinct now trying to file the last report but their so rude, dismissive and disrespectful," Skye wrote in a story yesterday, explaining how she was met with disrespect at the West Hollywood's Sheriff's station in California. "Called me a 'difficult victim' when he wouldn't even let me finish telling him what happened before he could give me a list of reasons as to why he can't help me, Deputy Holden."

As documented on her Instagram Story, the singer continued the dialogue from her perspective, shedding a light on the stigmas that surround domestic violence.

"This is why most women don't go to or call the police by the way... especially dealing with male officers/deputies whatever tf... but don't let them discourage you because I for sure am not," she continued.

Skye then vocalized on Twitter that her experience at one police station was not reflective of the whole situation. Skye even clarified that she was able to successfully file two additional reports about other incidents and that she was helped properly at another precinct.

"It's okay, that was just this one precinct.. the other one I was at earlier was extremely helpful. Filed reports on the two other incidents," she responded to a concerned fan on Twitter.

Wes' legal team has since issued a statement commenting on the matter.

"We are actively investigating the allegations against Sheck Wes and are fiercely standing by him through this," the statement provided by his lawyers reads. "He has denied any wrongdoing whatsoever or violence of any kind and we believe him. He will defend himself against this serious defamation of character with any and all legal remedies available and for now will leave this with the legal process. Sheck is a strong supporter of the rights and liberties of all people and is appalled by these wrongful allegations and attempts to assassinate his character. He will no longer sit by and allow these falsehoods to live on any further."

Take a look at Justine Skye documenting her experience at the police station below.

Justine Skye
Justine Skye

Justine Skye // Instagram

Justine Skye // Instagram

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