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Meek Mill to 6ix9ine: "We unfollowing you"

Taking to Instagram, the Philadelphia rapper got in a final word about 6ix9ine.

Artist // Instagram

After being sent back behind bars for probation violation in a ruling that sparked a national dialogue, Meek Mill has been dividing his time between his criminal justice reform efforts, his music and adjusting back to his day-to-day life.

While he has been advocating on behalf of those caught up in the system, one incarcerated rapper has not quite earned his empathy.

Taking to Instagram, the Philadelphia rapper got in a final word about 6ix9ine. The Brooklyn rapper is currently working with federal authorities in his criminal case, which is resulting in some criticism from others, including Meek.

After advising DJ Akademiks to stop sharing content related to the DUMMY BOY rapper, Meek Mill noticed the media personality did not take his advice. To make his stance on the situation clear as day, Meek commented, "Nah we unfollowing you."

Initially, Meek voiced his sympathy for 6ix9ine by explaining how he felt he was a "good kid" who got caught up in the wrong situation. However, after learning 6ix9ine had most likely accepted a plea deal, Meek began vocalizing his disappointment in how the situation was unfolding.

"That's a shame," Meek shared. "When I came home, everybody was like he got some real dudes backing him, 'I was like how' y'all better stop running behind rappers acting like y'all ready to throw y'all lives away over some stupid shit .. I seen this coming a while ago."

Now that Meek Mill has done his part to "cancel" 6ix9ine, who recently was accused of domestic violence by the mother of his daughter, he isn't holding back from sharing his opinion on the unfortunate matter.

Take a look at Meek Mill's recent comment on 6ix9ine in the screengrab below.

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