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6ix9ine wants “$10 million or better” to sign away his free agency to a major

"What you gonna do? Everything I put out chart," the bubbling star says. "Right now, There's a lot of deals on the table."

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6ix9ine's debut project Day69 landed in all outlets this past Friday (Feb. 23) and the Brooklyn-bred controversy magnet is on pace to push around 60,000 units, according to reports. (The young rapper is making an 11th-hour push on social media, however, to get his numbers up a goal of—you guessed it—69 thousand copies sold).

With impressive sales of an independent released with no real marketing dollars around it, no doubt labels will continue to clamor to sign the act also known as "Tekashi69." Whoever wants his services better rethink their offers and add a zero. He confirms that he did receive a $7.5 million submission, but says "that was just the start."

"We going up from there," he promised. "I'm still a free agent. I was talking to Birdman. My man Bird. Young Thug, big inspiration. But we going $10 Million or better. I'm the hottest... What you gonna do? Everything I put out chart. I should have went to charter school. Cause GED not cutting it. I should have went to charter school because everything I do hit the charts. Right now, There's a lot of deals on the table."

Other than a hefty check, 6ix9ine says he wants a platform for his team to be comfortable and generate funds as well.

"What'll satisfy me? Being happy," he explained. "I wanna be happy. You see all my people that was in here? I wanna see them. I'm good. I know how to make it. I'm a fuckin warrior bro. You throw me in the jungle, I'mma survive. Imma come out that shit. My team, they hungry and we all gonna eat together. Ain't nothin like eatin' with your family. Seeing your family with a full belly. You don't want to see your family roaring. Nah. We all gonna eat together that's what I'm about. Being a provider. Feeding your fucking family."

The New York rapper also talks his "cult"-like following, how he fell in love with Slovakia, and why "swag rappers" are wack.

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