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6ix9ine hilariously details his two failed stagedives

"I just saw God and God said, 'Prepare for impact.'"

Imagine being a wrestler fighting at a house show. You slam your opponent to the mat. You ascend to the top with the intent to come crashing down on the grappler you're facing, providing a highlight in the match. But when you jump off the rope to perform a frog splash or a flying elbow or whatever it may be, you can see said opponent moving out the way and you start counting down the milliseconds before you land and nobody's home.

That's exactly how Teka$hi69, or 6ix9ine, felt when he came out as a guest at a recent Fetty Wap show in Montclair, N.J.

The New York rapper also talks his "cult"-like following, how he fell in love with Slovakia, and why "swag rappers" are wack.

"I went to go jump, but I'm so hyped onstage I'm not looking in the crowd," 6ix9ine explained. "Everyone is telling me I jumped in a group of ten girls. It was just some frail ass girls....Every time I jump, when I jump I hit a spin so I don't hit nobody with my knees. So, mid-air, I'm looking but I'm already hitting 180 [degrees] to land on my back, so they don't get a knee or elbow. I just let myself [go] like a trust fall, but like a high trust fall. So I went and all the girls, mid-air, I see them just move. I let God take it from there....I just saw God and God said, 'Prepare for impact.'"

6ix9ine also says he hit the ground pretty hard.

"I thought I was going to be paralyzed," he added with an air of exaggeration. "[The girls] jumped on top of me, started hugging me, pinching me on the floor, doing mad weird shit."

And just like any good King of the Mat who continues a match after they fail and fall—Teka$hi compares himself to the legendary high flyer Jeff Hardy—69 continued the show. He got back on the stage and kept rapping.

He even did one more stage dive, and on this second attempt, the fans caught him.

Twenty-four hours later, however, he was greeted by the concrete one more time.

"The next day, I was at Marshmello's show—every time I get dropped, it's when I'm at somebody else's show; it's not my show," Teka$hi said. "So I jumped at Marshmello's show, and these people are on acid. And I hit the pavement again. But I took a girl [down] with me though. I landed on her. You know what it is? I feel like the fans thought it was funny—because I be trolling the fuck out of people—so they found it funny and were like, 'Let's keep doing it to him.'"

As it stands, 6ix9ine is unquestionably one of the hottest rappers out of New York City. He's hit fans with a trifecta of records embraced by the masses. "Kelle" with Fetty Wap and A Boogie has topped 36 million views on YouTube in just a month; "Kooda" is more than double that, around 80 million in two months. His biggest record "Gummo"—which FunkMaster Flex shouts out as "the hottest song in the club" every night on his Hot 97 radio show—skyrocketed to a Top 20 song on the Billboard Hot 100 and has amassed 120 million views on YouTube. He has a headlining world tour that launches on February 16 and just dropped a new record titled "Billy" that his fans are clamoring to.

All the success comes as Teka$hi has faced adversity not just with stagedives, but with both fellow MCs and the courts. While in Minnesota recently performing as part of the Super Bowl festivities, buckets of ice were thrown at him. Then there's Casanova's new song, "Set Trippin," which is purportedly dedicated to dissing 69. Also, Trippie Redd has been frequently called Teka$hi a "pedophile" on social media.

69 did recently plead guilty to sexual misconduct with a minor stemming from an incident in 2015 in which he was inside a house with several older men who had criminally innappropriate encounters with a minor. Although 69 claims he did not touch the girl, police accused him of having his arm around the girl and having her sit on his lap in a video that was uploaded to social media. In a interview with DJ Akademiks, Teka$hi said the girl lied to him and said she was 19 years old. Although he was not sentenced to prison, Teka$hi had to complete several requirements stipulated by the court including completing his GED (which he tells REVOLT TV he has finished.)

The young rapper is unfazed by everything.

"I can't be stopped," he says walking out of the REVOLT studios with bubbling female MC Cuban Doll. "They did everything the could to and stop me and they couldn't."

6ix9ine has way more shows coming and is dropping a new mixtape on February 23.

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