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Troy Ave addresses snitching allegations on ‘The Breakfast Club’

The embattled rapper discussed snitching, called himself ignorant for dissing Capital Steez, and even called out Charlamagne tha God.


Troy Ave raised a few eyebrows recently when the video for his video for his “2 Legit 2 Quit” was released. Featuring the lyrics, "I'm only loyal to my fam/Middle finger from the stand/It's either me or you,” the track forced some fans and followers to question whether the BK rapper was a “snitch.” “I’m used to people trying to tear Troy Ave down. I represent a lot of things that they don’t want represented in the game,” said Troy Ave as he made his return to The Breakfast Club. There, he discussed snitching, called himself ignorant for dissing Capital Steez, called the hood a handicap and even called out Charlamagne tha God.

On being labeled a snitch: “I can’t talk about the whole taking the stand thing, just know I didn’t and never have or anything like that. As far as all of that, I’m really binded where I can’t talk shit about a case that’s going on. Literally. I spoke to my lawyer yesterday. He said I couldn’t say anything about anything.”

On dissing Capital Steez: “For the record, I was ignorant at the time. I didn’t have to say Steez and suicide. I did it and I was standing firm. I was ignorant. I didn’t know anything about there might be mental illness and people might be going through things. My condolences to the family.”

On why he feels Charlamagne tha God is “weak-minded:" “Really, I’m disappointed in him. At first he strayed off as a supporter, but like that say, every smile, ain’t a smile. I’m disappointed that he was weak-minded. Only weak-minded people let other people get in their ear. When you have one opinion of a person and they don’t do anything to change that opinion.”

Troy Ave hints at testifying against Taxstone in his "2 Legit 2 Quit" music video.

On his former manager Hovian: “Now we say Hovian is doing pretty good. How? What is he doing? Every time you see Troy Ave, you see progression, whether my hair gets longer or my diamonds get bigger.”

On people forming opinions on his situation without knowing the details: “The fact of the matter is that in pressure situations, Troy Ave performs. Everybody runs, ducks for cover - all types of shit, but Troy Ave performs. Then you have to get the details of the story, which I can’t expose on here to be able to make your opinion. That’s a facto. And that’s not what’s coming out for legal reasons or whatever.”

On if taking the stand is considered snitching: “It’s unclear in who made these rules. I only know two successful guys that came out of the street. They say everybody snitches. 50 got paperwork. They always say something. But I don’t know how to tell you what the difference is without getting into my case. It’s situational. It’s like I said, you gotta look at it and say if this and this happened what would you do? It’s not black and white.”

On if he’s attempted to squash past beefs: “It all comes with growth and not being ignorant anymore. But I’m still a man with pride. I’m not going to let my pride be a handicap and stop me in life anymore, because like I always say, people got more pride than money.”

On the hood being a handicap: “Do not let anybody tell you that the streets are real. It’s a handicap. It’s used to manipulate, divide and conquer, and keep us stagnant. That’s what it’s about.”

Troy Ave’s full interview with The Breakfast Club can be watched above.

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