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Meek Mill’s lawyer Joe Tacopina shares new update, vows to get the rapper’s case dropped

No sleep ’till Meek is freed.

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The past week saw a mixture of optimism and frustration for the hundreds of thousands of people rooting for Meek Mill to be released from prison following the November 2017 sentencing that sent him back behind bars for probation violation.

Earlier this week, the ruling judge, Genece Brinkley, hired lawyer A. Charles Peruto Jr. to fight against the claims her sentencing was the result of an unfair bias by way of challenging with threats to sue for defamation. Most recently, Meek's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, shared an update with XXL, showcasing how even the judge's own attorney has a connection to the case that is questionable.

The Eagles select Meek Mill's "Dreams and Nightmares" as their intro for the 2018 Super Bowl.

"This is the same lawyer who begged to get onto Meek Mill's case," Tacopina shared with the publication. "He called Brian McMonagle—the local Philadelphia lawyer—and asked to be part of the defense team and then went to go visit Meek. Of course, Meek turned him down and Brian turned him down. And all of a sudden, he's representing the judge."

Tacopina then went to clarify, expressing that one situation in particular was strange to him.

"There was this whole dispute over a transcript that we wanted released, that [Judge Brinkley] wouldn't release," he explained. "She sealed it, she wouldn't give it to even us, and then she released it two weeks ago. When does a judge's private attorney have access to private transcripts before it gets unsealed?"

Tacopina then further elaborated, continuing, "It would be a different story if the district attorney and the probation officer were saying that [Meek Mill] was a bad defendant on probation and it's just the defense crying foul. But it's not. The district attorney and the probation officer both said he's been a model probationer: He's doing charity work, he's rehabiliting, he's doing the things you're supposed to do."

On a positive note, he did express that his mission has not changed, and despite some days being better than others given the circumstance, Meek is holding his spirits high, especially after seeing the Philadelphia Eagles playing his music at the Super Bowl in solidarity.

"We are going to get Meek Mill out," Tacopina declares. "There's no way we will let this injustice stand."

Per XXL, Tacopina is readying paperwork to file in the higher courts that speak to the rapper's last arrest as being "problematic."

REVOLT TV is continuing to closely follow the developments regarding Meek Mill's ongoing legal battle.

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