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Meek Mill's attorney unveils court transcripts that could prove judge's bias

Additionally, the District Attorney and judge-selected probation officer appeared to show favoritism, as well.

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Late last year, Meek Mill was sentenced to two-to-four years in prison by a Philadelphia judge for violating probation terms of his nearly decade-old gun and drug conviction.

At the time, Meek's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, suggested that Judge Genece Brinkley had a personal vendetta against the rapper after he refused some of her requests, including to remake Boyz II Men's "On Bended Knee" and give her a shoutout and, more troubling, to leave Roc Nation's management and instead sign a deal with the same manager Meek terminated in 2011, Philadelphia entertainment veteran Charlie Mack. (The FBI even launched an investigation into the claims that Brinkley was acting inappropriately with the case.)

Mack denied any connection to Brinkley, but now Jordan Siev, of Meek Mill's defense team, is doubling down on their claims.

Siev visited The Angie Martinez Show yesterday where he brought "transcripts of the judge's own words" that appear to show the judge, District Attorney, and probation officer frequently slamming Meek's current management and showing unprompted preference for Mack.

December 17, 2012: "The other manager [Charlie Mack], we didn't have no problems scheduling...he understood all that. I don't now how or when you all got involved, but he didn't have none of these problems, [Meek] didn't have no problems with the other manager so you all let him down this time." — Judge Genece Brinkley speaking to Meek's current management

March 2013: "It was when the defendant got new management that apparently there became some miscommunication about travel and I said that before and I'm saying it again." — Judge Genece Brinkley

August 18, 2014: "Your honor, obviously I don't disagree with Charlie Mack. When he ran the defendant's campaign...there were no problems....So I applaud Mr. Mack." — Assistant District Attorney Noel Ann DeSantis

February 5, 2016: "Are you willing to work with Charlie Mack? Because when he managed the defendant many, many years ago, things were run very smoothly and the judge's orders were completely adhered down to a T." — Assistant District Attorney Noel Ann DeSantis speaking to Meek Mill and his team

[Unknown Date]: "Working with Charlie Mack, hands down, he's phenomenal. They, [the current management], continue to get you back to where you are. Those are the guys that are a problem for you because they don't understand: this is what the judge wants, the judge's mission, what she wants. They go outside of what the judge asks for." — Probation Officer (who was hand-selected by Brinkley) speaking to Meek Mill and his current management

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