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I Guess… | 6ix9ine and the Halloween hypocrites

Your opinion of Teka$hi can't suddenly vanish because you need something fun to wear. But, sure, I hope you win your little costume contest.

'I Guess' is Kathy Iandoli's battle cry of #shruglife. It's everything that impresses us and unimpresses us—which could be one in the same given the day.

My favorite Halloween costume ever was my Angie Martinez one from 2003. I simply put on those tinted aviators with the cubic zirconia heart on the lens (those were poppin' at the time), straightened my hair, and threw on a velour tracksuit. I swore I was Angie Mar in the "If I Could Go" music video until someone asked if I was J.Lo. They're both beloved, so either was a compliment for me and totally positive.

Your Tekashi 6ix9ine costume, however, is questionable.

Like most things that unfortunately filter through the news cycle, we have collectively moved on from 6ix9ine's checkered past/present. He hands out money and offers positive words to fans while simultaneously being told to steer clear of gang ties to avoid prison. Then he's posing for family photos with his adorable daughter on her third birthday, so happy that he's not behind bars and can celebrate with her. Yay?

This is not my shining moment to go ahead and remind everyone of his past dealings with underage girls nor an opportunity to slam the content of his character in the midst of his escalating record sales. Lord knows my Twitter timeline has suffered enough from breathing a word of negativity his way, since I'm "taking away from the music." How dare I? This column is more directed towards your shitty Halloween costume. Yes, you. The person on Instagram, stuntin' in a multi-colored wig with hand-drawn face tats (that marker is permanent, you know), a crisp white tee, and pressing Skittles on your teeth like you won't need eight root canals at once, a la Lil' Wayne in 2010. You and your costume are a sham, fam.

And this isn't a jab at the bleeding heart 6ix9ine fans who will probably all sob their way through assembling their costume on the 31st, marveling at "how much they really look like him." The ones who will fall on their plastic swords for him, hoping he'll show up to their neighborhoods and hand them a $100 bill so they can show it off on their IG stories. No, this is for the people who previously ran this man's name through the mud and now are snatching his image and likeness in the name of All Hallows' Eve. It doesn't work like that.

Arguably, Tekashi 6ix9ine is one of hip-hop's greatest characters as of late. His image is colorful, full of adornments that can all theoretically be purchased at one of the many Halloween pop-up shops that scatter across the country and seemingly vanish by November 3rd. His music has character too; full of yells and grunts with some lyrics woven in for good measure. He also has a great personality, proven in his interview with my costume-inspo Angie Martinez, where he openly admits to not caring about lyricism. He's a costume in and of himself. So when looking for a trending topic to wear to your next costume party, he's a no brainer, right? Wrong.

Your opinion of 6ix9ine can't suddenly vanish because you need something fun to wear. To an extent, when you're dressing up as a living and breathing public figure, you're representing them in a way. Even those trolls who dressed as Hillary Clinton in handcuffs were representing their opinion of her. Same with Donald Trump. Same with Bill Clinton. Same with 6ix9ine.

And really, this can apply to any famous person, right? Like, don't dress up as someone you don't respect just for funsies. 6ix9ine is the costume du jour, but there's a long list of characters who all fall under this same scrutiny. Perhaps there's some unread statute of limitations for when it's acceptable to dress up as a controversial person. There are a million Charles Manson costumes that have circulated over time, but I'd hope none occurred the year he committed the massacre. It's still not cute to dress up as Charles Manson, but I guess the "too soon?" laws have run out. And before his fanbase rips off their rainbow Halloween wigs and tries to come for me, yes, there's a huge difference between 6ix9ine and a killer-slash-cult leader, but wearing an image is wearing an image.

Once again, if you're a consistent supporter of what 6ix9ine represents, then hats off to you. Your costume is a smash hit. May your daughter marry a man just like him, since he's such a stand-up guy.

But if you are opposed to anything he stands for, then your costume is a flop and so is your flaccid standpoint. I don't trust anything you say from this Halloween forward. Don't ever talk to me about politics, music, relationship advice, wardrobe selections, whatever. I simply will never believe what you say because you're so inconsistent in your beliefs. I hope you win your little costume contest and that $15 gift card to Starbucks is worth it.

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