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Migos selling Halloween costumes based on their own outfits

Migos is known for their unique fashion sense. So, of course, they are.

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Halloween is approaching fast -- quicker than the blink of an eye. So, you already know what that means... people rocking crazy costumes left and right. It looks like the members of Migos are major fans of the holiday because now, they're looking to cash in on the popular day.

Migos is selling Halloween costumes that may look very familiar to many of their fans. On their website, you can now buy looks that are inspired by the outfits that Migos has worn onstage at the "Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour." There's one look that's a reflective jumpsuit with straps all over it. This outfit is now being sold for $125.

Aside from having banging, chart-topping music that gets people dancing and feeling themselves; Migos is also known for their unique fashion sense. They've strutted down more than a few red carpets by now with swag drippin' from them. Fans definitely know that they always mean business with their looks when they pull up to the scene and pose for the cameras. Fashion killas all day! So, this new monneeyyy move of trying to collect a bag for their concert outfits isn't too surprising.

Take a look at Migos' tour attire that's now for sale on their site below.

In more Migos news, the group is being accused of stealing an Atlanta rapper's "Walk It Like I Talk It" song to make their hit track "Walk It Talk It." According to Leander Pickett – who goes by the name M.O.S. – Migos ripped off his song and the group nor Quality Control Music -- Migos' label -- ever asked him for permission to have it. Now, he's suing for an unclosed amount of money in damages and wants Migos to hand over all of the money that they've made from "Walk It Talk It."

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