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Rapstrology | Drake, Future and embracing growth through resilience this Scorpio season

Scorpios are about legacy-building and protecting what's important, so here are 5 lyrics to keep in mind (and tracks to keep on repeat) this month.

Jordan "JayOhh" Hall // REVOLT TV

Much like the name suggests, 'Rapstrology' celebrates the beautiful (and curiously slept-on) intersection between hip-hop and astrology. Whether exploring the Zodiac is a guilty pleasure hobby, something to roll one's eyes at, or a swear-by daily guide to WTF is going on, this column aims to explore the roadmap that is astrology, through the context of hip-hop, lyrics and current events.

"Started from the bottom now we're here / Started from the bottom now my whole team fucking here / Started from the bottom now we're here…"

…And who am I kidding? I can't lie; it's taking everything in my power not to compose this next installment of Rapstrology entirely out of Drake lyrics. Honestly, it wouldn't really be that out-of-pocket or that difficult to put together, even if it would take things from 0 to 100 real quick. Whatever, though. I'm here for a good time, not a long time. My excuse is that I'm young. Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on. Alright, I'm sorry. Let's do this.

Often reveling in a good redemption story—look no further than his ascent from appearing on a cult teenage soap opera to becoming one of the biggest rappers in the world—and embracing his mysterious-yet-on-point emotional intuition, Drake is a textbook Scorpio. For some of us, that's as cringeworthy as it gets. But, keep in mind, whenever you don't like a sign or feel the need to put resistance up, it's merely a reflection of your own sign and what that reveals about your own cosmic complexities. Ugh, an ever-smug Drizzy would probably really enjoy that line of defense. Anyways, Scorpio season is undeniably an intense one, but that's no reason to run and recoil just yet.

Whether Scorpio is exploring taboo subjects such as sex or money or power, or bragging that it's equal parts "God's Plan" and "No New Friends," this fixed water sign is rooted in dark truths, with a destined spiritual purpose to explore life's paradoxes, ambiguities and mysteries. As exemplified by someone like Drake, a man who is painfully aware of how complex it is to be human yet views his life, Scorpios can be a walking conundrum. A quintessential master of curating his public narrative but depending on private, alone time to recharge, Scorpios are the type to be extremely trustworthy but make a point to remind you they're not all that trusting and don't need anyone in general (except for maybe their beds and their mamas).

That being said, the Champagne Papi types out there are definitely loyal to a fault until they feel betrayed. The 6 God's recent beef with Pusha T, who just so happens to be his opposite sign of Taurus, is a too-good example of this. At face value, the budding tension was delightfully dramatic and viciously potent. That is, before one ultimately canceled the other out—before even taking the airtime to both do opposing in-depth interviews commenting on the matter.

Regardless of what team you were on and why, after the dust settled, the reminder surfaced that, well, it has become increasingly difficult for Drake to take an L. Wild, right? His ego won't allow him to ever go through the motions nor actually admit defeat. What will it take for him to lose? Although Scorpio's regenerative power is nothing to scoff at—as symbolic scorpions, they can metaphorically lose their tail and grow a new one—being smothered, abandoned or rejected are surefire ways to get this secretive sign deep in their feelings, especially when it comes to their perspectives and experiences with romance and revenge alike.

While I could, and honestly would love to, talk shop about Drake being a tried-and-true Scorpio for daaays, I got a lot of people tryna drain me of my energy. Or, rather, are ready to see other sides to this mysterious slice of the Zodiac being represented.

After all, we got a stubbornly dedicated Future locking himself in the studio for days at a time, the business-savvy Sean "Diddy" Combs refusing to be placed in a box, and the charismatic French Montana pulling out all the stops with his lavish, star-studded video for his latest anthem, "No Stylist," which features, you guessed it, Drake. These folks, and the inner circles they keep, are all hard to keep up with at times. This is primarily due to mysterious Scorpio's resilient nature to seeing their soul's calling all the way through; these folks won't rest until their goals are met or their purposes refined. When it comes to embracing change, the only way out is through and these unyielding souls place protecting oneself at the forefront. As such, insults roll off their backs and compliments, while always appreciated, don't necessarily soften their hardened exterior either.

From the late Lil Peep living his life to the extremes through his art and his vices, to Tyga somehow being the phoenix of the rap game despite bankruptcy incessantly clawing at his heels, Scorpio's strengths lie in its potential for growth and its coveted ability to turn intense energy into a vehicle for resilient change; the kind that betters one circumstance but doesn't alter one's core values. As the sign is ruled by Pluto and Mars, Scorpios are intense, passionate, secretive, complex and fueled by desire. The longing for something greater or bigger than oneself is omnipresent, whether found in Roxanne Shante's steadfast mission to pave a way for women in rap or in Mr. Combs' leadership and dedication to inspiring others to find ways to build generational wealth.

Scorpios are about legacy-building and protecting what's important, and that nobility deserves one hell of a soundtrack. Now that we have covered some of the basic groundwork surrounding All Things Scorpio, let's take a look at some lyrical takeaways to keep in mind, and when the mood strikes, on repeat.

Song: "Nice for What," Drake

Lyrical Mantra: "That's a real one in your reflection / Without a follow / Without a mention"

Scorpio'ism: This song has been heralded as an anthem for lifting up women, even though some layers peeled back show how Drake's good intentions fall a little short sometimes. Drake's views on women can be complicated—shocker—but he really is trying to understand, which doesn't go unappreciated or unnoticed. This line in particular speaks to the Scorpion nature of not being influenced by what others may think. A strong sense of self is everything, especially when exploring deeply within.

Song: "Used To This," Future feat. Drake

Lyrical Mantra: "Beat the odds, do numbers and remain humble / Drop-top Porsches, I'm so used to this / Smoking out the pound, I'm so used to this / I know where I'm from and I got used to this / Mansion in the hills, I got used to this"

Scorpio'ism: Future has worked incredibly hard to get to where he is, with this song in particular showcasing how now that he's made it this far and crossed over to the other side of fame and success, there is no going back. No matter what it takes, this man is all in. Future goes back and forth between wanting to keep his personal life private and reminding himself he has no reason to hide. There's an important duality in that, one that will serve him as long as his motives remain healthy and help him to grow.

Song: Lil Peep, "Awful Things" feat. Lil Tracy

Lyrical Mantra: "Bother me, tell me awful things / You know I love it when you do that / Helps me get through this without you / Bother me, tell me awful things"

Scorpio'ism: Lil Peep spent his short-but-impactful time on this planet looking to find peace, with himself, his emotions, his demons, his impulses and with where his inexplicably bright future was headed. He worked through resentment of his roots (such as expressing his hatred for his high school and his repulsion of those who didn't believe in him) and through heartache, finding solace in the fact that life is complicated for everyone. He became a leader by putting his heart on his sleeve, fully knowing that choice would come with a range of consequences. Peep lived deeply and in the moment, with this line in particular speaking to the Scorpion desire to embrace the good, the bad and the inevitable.

Song: Tyga, "Taste" feat. Offset

Lyrical Mantra: "3 million cash, call me rain man / Money like a shower, that's my rain dance"

Scorpio'ism: Tyga's career has been an interesting one with this song curiously doubling as a bit of a comeback anthem) and he's still fighting his way through, all while letting his fans know he's been good to go. It's impressive, to say the least. This song speaks to abundance and things working out beautifully in the end. With Tyga back in the driver's seat, of course.

Song: P. Diddy, "Bad Boy For Life" feat. Black Rock, Mark Curry

Lyrical Mantra: "We still here, you rockin' with the best / Don't worry if I write rhymes, I write checks (Ha!) / Who's the boss? Dudes is lost / Don't think cause I'm iced out, I'mma cool off / Who else but me? And if you don't feel me / That mean you can't touch me, it's ugly, trust me / Get it right, dawg, we ain't ever left / We just moved in silence and repped to the death / It's official, I survive what I been through / Y'all got trauma, the saga continues"

Scorpio'ism: When Puff said, it's "Bad Boy for life," he was dead serious. He has built a legacy on top of choosing his battles wisely, taking to heart his responsibility to be both a resource and an inspiration for others. While surprises certainly keep life colorful, this imaginative Scorpio is built for battle and this song a testament to one's staying power. Anything else simply is not an option. In true Scorpio form, Diddy knows how to best weather any and all storms—and celebrate their passing—leaving millions grateful to follow his lead.

Additional resources: Jessica Lanyadoo's "Ghost of a Podcast," Lesley Francis' "Sun Sign Book," and Linda Goodman's "Sun Signs."

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