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REVOLT Unlocked | Amber Rose talks falling for 21 Savage, modern-day feminism and more

The model and entrepreneur speaks candidly with REVOLT TV's Marisa Mendez.

If anyone needed any more proof that Amber Rose absolutely demands respect and will tolerate no less, look no further than her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa's recent freestyle.

"I don't want no drama, why you gotta bring up my baby mama," he spits, after radio host Big Boy assigned the topic during his new "flashcard freestyle" segment. "She's bald head, she got my kid / We was married, yes we did / I still love her, she loves me too / You think I'ma talk bad about her, you through."

Yup, Muva teaches 'em well! During a recent sit-down with REVOLT TV's Marisa Mendez, the model and entrepreneur continues the conversation, speaking candidly about the emphasis she places on teaching the opposite sex about feminism, as well as how she loves to point out specific examples and politely explain why a comment may have been harmful or insensitive—an informative gesture that many in 2018 could undeniably benefit from listening to and learning from.

"We're not taught as a society to be feminists," Rose says. "We're taught that boys will be boys and girls need to dress like this and carry themselves this way because they're not classy and you don't want to be slutty and you know, you can't sleep with too many guys or if you kiss that boy that week you can't do it this with another guy. That's what society taught us our whole lives. I like to change people's minds. I like to educate. That's my thing."

She further elaborates, drawing from her personal experience with (admittedly) all of her past boyfriends specifically and explaining how she has helped inform those who may have been unaware of an instance of misogynistic behavior or offensive commentary.

"I wait for something to come up and then I politely correct them," she shares with Mendez, going on to give an example of pointing out a teachable moment.

Rose, who founded the annual SlutWalk in 2014, also revealed to Mendez that she herself has come a long way as identifying as a feminist.

"I wasn't always a feminist," the 34-year-old explains. "I was a slut-shamer as well. I'll never deny it because I grew and I have a higher level of thinking now. I look back at those times and I kind of cringe where I used to call women hoes and sluts just 'cause I was uncomfortable with the fact that I felt they were more beautiful than me or a guy liked them and a guy didn't like me. I put that out there because that's embracing your imperfections and what you've done in your life also helps bring awareness."

In addition to talking about her annual SlutWalk and how she's embraced being a proud, ever-evolving feminist, Rose also hilariously lets Mendez tell the story of how she first met—and later fell for—21 Savage.

"You gon' love me and you're gonna know what I do," she adds, talking about how she balances her relationship with her life's mission. "You're gonna understand it or you're gonna open up to try to understand it. You're gonna support me because I'm gonna support you."

Check out Amber Rose and Marisa Mendez's conversation in full, above.

Interview by Marisa Mendez, with additional reporting by KC Orcutt

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