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K.Michelle gets candid about "Kim K," culture vultures, and dating

The singer delves into relationships, loneliness, and self-love.

Culture appropriators have been running rampant for years. Sucking the life out of every soulful thing they can get their hands on. We see it around us on a daily basis and some of us have experiences the impact of their ways first-hand.

From putting their faces over Tupac's likeness to rocking cornrows so hard that the fashion industry now refers to the hairstyle as 'edgy,' the Kardashians have been called out on their alleged "culture vulture" ways several times this year.

In K.Michelle's new song "Kim K," she's calling the Kardashians out once again.

The R&B songstress belts out her frustrations over her new track singing, "Wish I could be a Kardashian, so I could be Black / They ask if it's real, I say it's real fat."

The ultra-catchy tune continues with K.Michelle singing about society's obvious bias towards Black women for doing the same things that women like Kim Kardashian and her family get praised for.

K.Michelle sat down with REVOLT to discuss the meaning behind her new song, dating in 2017, and culture appropriation.

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