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10 takeaways from the 2018 Grammys

The moments we'll still be talking about.

The show's over, but here are the moments we'll still be talking about long after.

King Kendrick | If JAY-Z is the Michael Jordan of Rap, Kendrick Lamar is hip-hop's LeBron James and Steph Curry rolled into one. It's not even close. Other artists may have some bigger hits, but across the board--sales, awards, lyrics, flow, critical and fan accolades, social and political awareness, the boldness to speak up, and the ability to craft classic albums--Kung-Fu Kenny's Grammy opening tonight was one of the best award show performances in hip-hop history at any show.

The Grammys Got It Wrong | JAY-Z fans are upset with biggest snub of the night, not one win for Hov this year for 4:44. He spoke of Black empowerment and growth, financial stability and responsibility, family structure, Black identity, and made some of his most personal revelations ever. And nothing? Yes, the competition was heavy and all winners were well deserved. Yes, Jay has 21 of those babies at home already, but nothing? With the show in New York and Jigga making such a big splash in his hometown this week during pre-Grammy events and that big CNN interview, it seemed like a forgone conclusion he would take home at least one award. Multiple wins seemed like a consensus.

0 for 8? Seems impossible. All night we watched while Jay, Blue and Beyonce sit front and center congratulating other winners as they made way to the stage, but as the night progressed we started wondering exactly when Jay would get his just due. Finally, Bruno Mars won the last category of the night and it was clear JAY was shut out in his hometown.

Dave Chappelle Is As Real As They Come | He only needs a few seconds to show why he's entertainment's ultimate lethal weapon with a mic in his hands. From shouting out the Tribe Called Quest snub and his majestically accurate commentary during Kendrick Lamar's performance to being so big of a star that the academy actually televised Best Comedy Album this year, Dave continues to be one of the most important voices in the world.

Bruno's Inching Closer | Bruno Mars is a superstar, an icon; he flourishes when the spotlight is the brightest with all his live performances. But after tonight at the Grammys, it's time for us to start talking about him with the all-time greats. Winning Album of the Year has solidified the Pop King young legend status.

Glover Is Scary Good Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino was excellent tonight. So good in performing "Terrified" that you can place your bets on that record being nominated in 2019. Glover was so flawless that a lot of other singers should be grateful he's been focused on blowing up in Hollywood or he could seriously be the top crooner in music.

SZA's First and Last Time | SZA will never get shut out of winning a Grammy Award ever again. Fans will make sure of it. And her voice was incredible tonight, BTW.

"NoDak Yellow"? | We loved every second of Bruno Mars and Cardi B's "Finesse" performance (see below), but damn. Could the Academy have found some extra time for Cardi to have given us at least one verse from "Bodak Yellow" since she was already on the stage?

Fire and Fury! Book It! | Cardi B, DJ Khaled, Snoop Dogg and Hillary Clinton narrating Trump's explosive tell-all? Oh, yeah. We would definitely buy that audiobook if they did it for real!

Cardi Will Be Back | With an album due later this year, it pretty much seems like a forgone conclusion that Cardi B will be back performing her own song at the Grammys next year and she'll have some more nominations to boot.

Khaled Can't Have Everything (Or Can He?) | Quiet as kept, DJ Khaled's "Wild Thoughts" got wildly overlooked for Grammy nominations this year, so the Academy did right by music's best orchestrator by giving him a rightfully-deserved prime performance slot during the middle of the show. Khaled showed he is, indeed, as light on his feet as Diddy proclaimed, but it was the power, grace, and sexiness of Rihanna that stole the show. Regardless, Khaled still wins!

Daddy (Yankee) Never Left | Great to see Daddy Yankee back on such a gigantic stage, but anyone who thinks "Despacito" is some great comeback for the Puerto Rican superstar has it twisted. Just because the mainstream recognition of reggaeton died out doesn't mean Daddy Yankee's career has. He's been serving his core fanbase, dropping videos that literally do billions of views for the past decade.

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