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Nas and AZ have a brief Firm reunion as Grandmaster Flash spun at NYC YouTube party

Grandmaster Flash had the party jumpin'.


Friday night (Jan. 26) was a shangri-la for legendary hip-hop in the Big Apple, especially for the past, present and future of Def Jam records. In lower Manhattan YouTube put an event called "We're Bringing Boom Bap Back To New York."

Current YouTube executive Lyor Cohen—who can list running Def Jam records on his legendary resume, co-hosted the event. Nas and Chuck D. were also part of the event, as were DJs D-Nice, Q-Tip and one of The Godfathers of all hip-hop turntablists Grandmaster Flash. NBA Legend Charles Oakley, DMC, Rockwilder, DJ Scratch, Busta Rhymes and Quincy Jones were all in attendance.

"New York, The home of the boom bap," Q-Tip declared while spinning. "The Mecca."

Shortly after Tip passed the reigns over to Flash, he got Nas to come up to the turntables with him.

Nas sported all black and brought back his beloved decadent iced out "QB" piece.

Flash played "Hate Me Now" and Nas rhymed along to his record. Flash switched it up with "Made You Look," interchanging between shouting out the different music dignitaries in the building and rapping his lyrics. "Ain't Hard To Tell" came next then as an impromptu Firm reunion took place.

"Where's AZ? Where's AZ?" Nas asked as Flash played "Affirmative Action."

"The Vizualiza" then came up on stage and spit his classic lyrics.

"Yo, sit back relax catchin contacts, sip your cog-nac," he rapped. "And let's all wash this money through this laundry mat /Sneak attack, a new cat sit back, worth top dollar / In fact, touch mines, and I'll react like a Rottweiler."

"Yo, my mind is seein' through your design like blind fury," Nas came in later. "I shine jewelry, sippin' on crushed grapes, we lust papes /

And push cakes inside the casket at Just wake / It's sickenin', he just finished biddin upstate / And now the projects, is talkin' that somebody gotta die shit / It's logic, as long as it's nobody that's in my clique."

Flash then turned his playlist to Biggie for a set of the late great. Frank White then played the Heavy D classic "The Overweight Lovers in the House" "Nuttin' But Love" and "Mr. Big Stuff."

"Heavy D. we miss you," Nas yelled.

Before the party closed out, Slick Rick came through from across town at Garage where he was was performing at the Def Jam Party. The Ruler was greeted with hugs by Busta Rhymes and Ralph McDaniels.

Check out REVOLT TV's recap from YouTube's Grammy party in the clip above.

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