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'The Chi' Episode 3, "Ghost": First Thoughts

Before the next one arrives, REVOLT unpacks last week's drama-filled "Ghost" episode.

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Whoa, mama — what a close. All tensions came to a head in the closing seconds of The Chi Episode 3, "Ghosts." The intersection separating the lives of Ronnie, Kevin, and Brandon connected in dramatic fashion, all for the sake of the series' looming specter: Coogie. Meanwhile, Emmett's relentless job pursuit leaves many questions, including the mysterious gentleman whose name appears to ring bells: Quentin. All that said, there's a lot to unpack. Instead of doing a formal long-worded review, a few members of the REVOLT crew got together to pinpoint some of Episode 3's highlights.

That ending. Wow. Talk about a surprising twist. First the ghost of Coogie visits Ronnie, prompting him to go down a spiral that leads him to Kevin. In this pursuit, how do we see it playing out?

I see the downward spiral continuing for Ronnie. I gathered from how the women in his life talk to him that he isn't the most dependable character. In my opinion expecting him to "take care" of the situation involving the murder of his step-son wasn't the best of ideas. How he handles his showdown with Brandon will determine just how out of control the spiral gets. — Kai Acevedo

In the words of my sista Keisha from "New Jack City," it's "Rock-A-Bye Baby" time for Ronnie, so cue the lullaby. I don't know whether Brandon does the job or Kevin, but considering all the mess and stress Ronnie's tied himself in, I wouldn't be surprised if he manages to do the job himself. Think about it: he lost his girl, murdered the wrong kid, and is fighting demons related to both the death of his stepson and Coogie. The spiral is all too real for the man. — Ralph Bristout

I think it was great to see Ronnie struggling to deal with the fact that he killed Coogie in cold blood. Ronnie also knows that the cops know he's the only one who has the motive to kill Coogie. — Charles Handy

Who makes it out after the standoff at the end of episode 3, between Ronnie, Brandon, and Kevin?

To snitch or not to snitch?, has been a question plaguing impoverished inner-cities for decades now. And being labeled a snitch still holds a lot of weight. Although Kevin is willing to fight his friends to fend off being associated with the frowned up term, in the end it seems as if he ratted out Brandon to Ronnie. For Ronnie, preventing someone from snitching is enough to potentially kill over. — KA

I see Brandon and Kevin making it out, mainly because the importance of their characters. The story building behind their characters is integral to the series. Kevin is the prominent adolescent in the narrative, while Brandon's trials and pursuits makes up a good portion of it as well. As for Ronnie, well, the dead end is near and we can smell it. — RB

Brandon will make it out of the standoff, I'm starting to not feel bad for the little boy anymore for setting up Brandon like that. — CH

What do we make of Emmett's character and where do you see his job pursuit placing him?

In episode two, we see Emmett on the almost impossible mission of securing a babysitter for his son. However, from the looks of last night's installment of the hit series, he can jump start his hustling career just about whenever he wants. The allure of fast money is clearly tempting for Emmett, but his mother's presence is something that shouldn't be overlooked. — KA

Emmett is figuring out his life — wait, well, he's attempting to. He's a teen, so he makes plenty of mistakes throughout the three episodes of the series. One thing for sure though, he takes responsibility for his misses. Trying to make a buck is his latest challenge, so that pursuit may take him through some twists and turns. However, he'll somehow make it through. I just hope he doesn't end up trying to sell drugs. It's not him. — RB

Emmett needs to get focused, but seems to have some type of hustle and he wants to avid the streets but if he doesn't get a job soon he will have to get in the streets. He may end up rocking with Quentin because of the money he owes him. He could end up running the block. — CH

Who the hell is Quentin (old man with the top hat)? how do his character impacting the rest of the season?

It feels like Quentin used to run the block. His conversation with the current king of the neighborhood in this episode, as well as how the social worker shook up upon seeing him in the previous show, were enough to certify his Triple OG status for me. I'm more interested in unraveling his connection to Ronnie's son. It seems like that's his sole reason for returning. I feel like Emmett is going to have to pay his debt to Quentin soon. I wonder where that will lead. — KA

Considering the fear that was in the eye of the homie in the truck, Quentin is definitely a major player. He's definitely the definition of a powerful OG and he's got the respect, which is a sign that he is one to watch. I can't wait for him to flex some of the power soon. Oh, and Emmett better pay him his money soon. — RB

Quentin is the "connect" and I think he may have stepped out of the game, but has to come back now that his son was killed. Yes, I think the basketball player is who was killed was really his son. — CH

The Chi airs Sundays on Showtime at 10 p.m. ET/PT

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