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Mo’Nique calls for Netflix boycott, claims they showed "gender and color bias" against her

The comedian and actress is taking a stand.


Mo'Nique is calling for her fans to boycott Netflix, with the call-to-action arriving after the comedian and actress claimed that the streaming service showed "gender bias and color bias" against her.

Taking to Instagram, the 50-year-old entertainer explained she was offered $500,000 for a comedy special, a number she feels does not best represent her worth given her expansive and decorated resume.

Mo'nique is not afraid of any further backlash because of her comments on Lee Daniels, Oprah and Tyler Perry.

"However, Amy Schumer was offered $11 million, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle $20 million," Mo'Nique said, explaining her position. "Then Amy Schumer went back and renegotiated two more million dollars because she said, 'I shouldn't make what the men are getting, they're legends, however, I should get more.' And Netflix agreed."

After pointing out Schumer as an example, the award-winning actress and comedian further elaborated, adding that her team had asked Netflix to explain the reasoning behind her offer, compared to what they had paid Schumer after she asked to renegotiate.

"They said, 'Well, we believe that's what Mo'nique will bring.' We said, 'Well, what about my resume?' They said, 'We don't go off resumes,'" Mo'Nique continued. "Then we asked them, 'What was it about Amy Schumer?' And they said, 'Well, she sold out Madison Square Garden twice and she had her big movie over the summer.' Is that not Amy Schumer's resume? And then Netflix said, by the way, we believe Mo'Nique is a legend too.' Why should I not get what the legends are getting?"

Discrepancies in wage have been a spotlighted topic in Hollywood lately, with Tracee Ellis Ross recently issuing a statement discussing the details of her current pay renegotiation.

Take a look at Mo'Nique explain why she's calling for her fans to boycott Netflix in the clip below.

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