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Danja talks co-producing Justin Timberlake's 'Man In The Woods' with Timbaland

The producer also reveals whether there's a friendly rivalry between Timbaland and Pharrell.

As Danja was still on the high of producing the early 2017 Beyoncé and JAY-Z collaboration "Shining" for DJ Khaled, he got the call it was time to lock back in with yet another megastar. A previous collaborator who had gotten him platinum plaques before: Justin Timberlake.

Danja co-produced three songs with Timbaland off of Timberlake's new LP Man of the Woods (due Feb. 2), including the first single "Filthy."

"It was the normal process like how we was working on FutureSex/LoveSounds," Danja recalled on a phone call from Miami on Monday. "I played the joint. Working on the joint in the headphones. When it's time to go to the big [speakers], me and Tim did our thing. Justin put his ears to it and was like, 'That's the energy I was looking for.'"

Just days ago, Justin announced a 27-date tour of mostly the U.S., with a couple Canadian stops sprinkled in. Besides Timbaland and Danja, the singer secured the services of Pharrell Williams for the LP as well.

"I can only speak for me. I'm a competitive person," Danja said about the possibility of a friendly rivalry between production factions on the project. "I'm gonna always want to outdo what's going on in the other room. But I also know that the artist comes first and it's not about what we do to outdo the other. We have to make sure we are making a cohesive thing that works and compliments each other. We're not walking into each other's room like, 'I got this. What y'all got?' You might get inspired and do your thing based on what's going on in the other session. There's no real competition."

Keeping with the family vibe, Danja said he took the opportunity to let both musical legends know how much he appreciated them during a moment when all three were together.

"I see Tim of course," he said. "I see Pharrell hear and there. But I've never seen them both together at the same time. And I'm from Virgina Beach. We all from the same city. I had to let them know what they mean to the city, what they mean to the game. It was really all love, it was really no completion. We were just working."

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