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Les Twins talk getting snubbed by Beyoncé and JAY-Z (for good reason!) and finding inspiration in Diddy

In our interview with the dancer duo, they also talk growing up in France, venturing into music, and a new Jordan collaboration.

Following their World of Dance win, international superstars Les Twins sat down with REVOLT TV to discuss touring alongside Beyoncé, JAY-Z booting them from a stage once, their new Jordan collaboration, and more.

The identical twin brothers, Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, are natural-born, self-taught dancers who grew up the youngest of nine children in the ghetto of Sarcelles, France and began their professional careers at the age of 12. After gaining popularity while participating in competitions across the world, they've since performed with the likes of the aformentioned power couple, Missy Elliott, and Meghan Trainor.

According to the twins, they learned major life lessons after working with Bey and Jay.

"One day, we had a show with JAY—and it's JAY-Z; for me, there's no one bigger than his in hip-hop entertainment," said Laurent. "We had one of the best numbers in the show on the whole tour. He's like, 'Don't come on stage.' The day before the show. We've been in rehearsal a month and he's like, 'Don't come for this number.' I was like, I was about to cry. It was for 'On to the Next One.'"

"I was like, for real? I had to go see him," Laurent continued. "I'm like, 'Why did you cut me out this number?' Like, I had to go see him. Nobody talked to him like this at anytime. Like, 'Why did you cut me out this number?' I was mad. He's like, 'You guys are too powerful. You take the whole light. I'm JAY, it's my song. Nobody would watch me, everybody would be focused on you. You guys are really powerful. You have to come on stage when it's your time.' Beyoncé told me the same thing. Before, we was in every number. After that, she was like, 'I want you in just this one, this one, and this one.' Two-hour show, I come only three times. She's like, 'You're a star to me. When you come through, it's a wrap. You cannot be in every number.' And I started to understand."

Earlier this year, the duo competed in the first season of the televised dance competition World of Dance, impressing judges Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo. And though they won, it didn't come easily.

During a Snapchat event a few days prior to filming for the show, Laurent suffered an injury to his right leg while performing. Unable to stand, it was unclear whether Les Twins would be able to continue the competition.

Larry told REVOLT TV that he became discouraged but that speaking to Diddy, who was also suffering an injury, helped him get over his anxiety. He then went back to his brother to work on an amazing routine using just his arms and upper-body—and ultimately win the $1 million prize.

"[Diddy]'s like, 'I'm feeling better. I cannot walk like everybody, but I'm good. I can stand up.'...Soon as I came back, I was trying to talk to my brother. You know what he says? 'Use me. Use me. I can't move my legs, but I can use my body. Listen, I got this. Use me.' And we started to create something in two days and it works."

As dancers, models, and overall celebrities, Les Twins eventually caught the eye of Michael Jordan.

After meeting with the veteran ball player himself, Les Twins signed a deal with the Jordan brand, becoming the latest to join the brand's roster of athletes and entertainers. According to the twins, there's also a possibility that they could be designing their very own shoe.

In our sit-down with Les Twins, they also discussed growing up in the ghetto of France, their personal views on perseverance, and more.

Check out the full interview below.

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