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Is that really LL Cool J in EPMD's "Rampage" video? Parrish addresses an urban legend

A nearly 30-year bit of rap mythology is answered.

Almost 30 years since EPMD dropped their classic "Rampage" video and an urban myth about the video shoot is still strong with some hip-hop fans. The question remains: is that actually LL in the video, or is it smoke and mirrors? Cool J apparently performs in back of a transparent curtain, leaving the viewer to see little more than a silhouette of the iconic MC. During a recent trip to the Revolt TV studios in New York, one-half of "Erick and Parrish Making Dollars" addressed the myth.

"Well again, nah, LL is in the video," PMD confirmed. "Again. Erick and I were so influential with EPMD, we were changing the game while we were apart of the game. At that time before L's last album, he was making his new album, Russell [Simmons] was like 'y'all need to hook up and make something happen.' While doing 'Rampage,' LL began to work on his new album and came up with 'Mama Said Knock You Out.' [Our album and L's album] they all was done at the same time. I guess the thinking was if LL got in our video without being behind the veil, it would take away from the arrival of 'Mama Said Knock You Out.'"

There's a myth buster for you. But, as Parrish does admit, the myth almost became reality.

"I'mma keep it one 100, when me and Erick got to the video, we saw an LL lookalike and he had the 'Cool J' ring. We just got on the phone, me and E told him how important this video was and everything," he explained. "A little while later he got in the video but the concept [of his part] was 'Charlie's Angels' behind the screen. Yeah, that's LL in the video. That's his physique, plus he had the same hat from 'Around The Way Girl.' The top hat. That's the same hat he rocked with and J. Lo was in that ['Rampage'] video before she became 'J. Lo.'"

You can catch an encore of LL Cool J's episode of Drink Champs tonight at 10 PM on Revolt TV. Not to be outdone, you can see EPMD's episode of "Drink Champs" right now on Revolt TV's YouTube channel. In that episode, the legendary group talk about their friend relationship with Cool J and how he dissed them on their own record "Rampage."

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