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Dame Dash says he isn't the one selling off his sneaker collection

Cam'ron and Smoke DZA urged him to address the items on eBay.

Dame Dash (via // Dame Dash (via

Earlier this week, news broke that Dame Dash was selling several hundred pairs of sneakers from his reputed years-in-the-making collection.

However, as it turns out, the Roc-A-Fella co-founder wasn't the one who placed the items for sale on eBay in the first place.

The famed director recalls meeting Dame Dash, Jay Z and filming "I Can't Get Wit That."

Taking to social media, Dame explains that he wasn't aware of the situation until Cam'Ron and Smoke DZA brought it to his attention, promptly persuading him to speak on the subject.

"I got a call from Cam yesterday," Dame begins, in a clip posted to Instagram. "He said, 'Yo Dame. N----s got your s--t on eBay.' I said, 'What?' So, you know, this is some s--t I ain't seen in like 12 years. I got cribs all over the place and offices all over the place and sometimes I lose track of my stuff and I guess apparently it was in a storage for 13 years."

He then explains that the storage facility tried to get in touch with him via his lawyer to take care of the items, but because he has occasionally had to get rid of lawyers he's worked with in the past, he missed the message and someone else took advantage.

"Like they said, they tried to get in touch with me but they spoke to my lawyer but I fire lawyers frequently and I guess they auctioned my s--t," he explains. "That s--t went for like $18,000 so somebody came up. I do wish that there would be a little more respect but y'all know I ain't going to be auctioning my s--t. I lose s--t and people auction it. I didn't care but Cam said, 'You gotta let n----s know,' and then when Smoke [DZA] came through he said, 'Yeah man.'"

Take a listen to Dame Dash addressing someone else's recent payday in the clip below.

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