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Lil Cease ponders a Junior M.A.F.I.A vs. D-Block game at new Biggie-named basketball court

And talks the late legend's skills on the blacktop.

It just sounds incredible. Kids will now be able say that they are going to play on the "Biggie Courts." The "Christopher 'Biggie' Wallace Courts," to be exact.

Yesterday (August 2), just blocks from where the late legend grew up on St. James Place, city officials and members of his family dedicated the newly-renovated courts at Crispus Attucks Park to the Notorious B.I.G.

"We had to do it right for B.I., it's only right," Lil Cease said. "From me playing in this park when I was a teenager, the park looked nothing like this. They put some flavor to it. They put some B.I. charisma on it. It's all for the better, too. The neighborhood is changing. So to have a park that's really dope just so the kids can come play on it and, most importantly, be safe and be good. I feel good about it. I can't wait to play on this court. We might bring that D-Block vs. Junior Mafia game to this court right out here. We gonna stay pushin' the envelope for Big. Whether it's me, Ms. Wallace, T'Yanna, Jan, C.J. or Faith, or Mark [Pitts] or Wayne [Barrow], or Diddy, we're gonna stay pushing the envelope just to keep representing B.I."

Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s Nino Brown was also in attendance.

"If Big was here, he'd probably have his own school," Cease added. "He'd probably be doing a lot for his community. He changed my life and changed a bunch of others. This is just the first milestone. We gonna keep it going. We're gonna get St. James Place turned into 'Christopher Wallace Way.' We gonna keep reppin' B.I. for life, baby."

Big's basketball court dedication was galvanized in part not just because of his immense stardom and contributions to hip-hop, but by his daughter T'Yanna and her mother Jan Jackson's charity basketball tournament at Crispus Attucks park every year for the past five years.

"Every year they've been getting bigger and bigger," Cease described. "They've been going strong with it. We come out here and have a little tournament for the little bitties, the teenagers; we do the grown-up games, too. This is a celebration out here to honor Big's name. We come out here with some food, some sponsors. We come out here to do some stuff for the community. Get the people out the street for a little while. Something positive, something cool to give the parents and kids something to do. You get to see people from the neighborhood you ain't see in yearsThey all come out here every August for the tournament."

As for Biggie's hoop skills, Cease says the late great would come shoot around and display his jump shot every now and then, but Big was more of a "shit-talker" who used to take side bets on games.

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