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SAINt JHN: The three songs you need to know

Get familiar with the Rolling Loud performer before the music festival this weekend.

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To help viewers and concertgoers prepare for this weekend’s Rolling Loud music festival in Miami—which REVOLT TV will be livestreaming here—we've compiled the top three songs you must know from scheduled performer (Friday, May 5) and rising rapper-singer SAINt JHN. Hear them below!

The Guyana-born, Brooklyn-based triple-threat sings, raps, and made a career for himself before doing both of those things by writing his ass off and nabbing credits on songs like Usher's "Crash" in the process. Now, SAINt JHN steadily makes moody trap-&-B that sets itself apart thanks to his pen abilities and urgent voice that captivates without ever being corny.


It's SAINt JHN's intense vocals that stop "Reflex" from falling into his genre's usual trope of wooziness. In fact, his delivery is so melodic that you can imagine a few once-full-blown pop stars being willing to explore and try their hand at something similar. For all the usual mentions of "bitches" and "niggas," there's an earnestness that sounds intentional and, over a beat that's equal-parts ambient and thumping, that's refreshing: " got a mil, you got a mil, that just some crew shit / They trying to stay afloat, I'm trying to build a cruise ship / I spent a half a decade working on the blueprint / Ay boy we bout to hit the pot of gold."


Kicking off with church bells, the track soon turns ominous; rhythmic downtempo rumblings that back JHN's switch-up of flow: staccato verses that ensure we hear every word, higher-pitched hooks with a dangling falsetto, and the kind of lyrics that remind us he has a history of painting pictures with his writing: "I walked in the corner with the body screaming dolo / Never sold a bag but look like Pablo in a photo / This gon' make 'em feel the way like Tony killed Manolo / You already know though, you already know though / I walk in the corner with the money, on my finger / She might get it popping, I might wife her for the winter."


Eerie clanging, rapid snare drum riffs, and disappearing echoed wails assist JHN as he fits as many details as possible into his nostalgic nod: "I still remember / Used to have the dope Perry Ellis goose down like a trill nigga / I still remember / Board a bus, used to be a broke nigga, limousine, keep it real with yah / Party never endin' / Niggas have the two-for-one bags like I'm trappin' with a Groupon / Mothafuck a layup / These Jordan 13s had a nigga lookin' cleaner than a newborn." It's somehow breezy while keeping its grit.

ALSO HEAR: "3 Below"

SAINt JHN will be performing at Miami’s Rolling Loud music festival May 5-7 which REVOLT TV will be exclusively live streaming here. Follow at #RollingLoud3 on Twitter.

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