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Ice-T reflects on Soulja Boy beef, exiting the pimp game, more on "Drink Champs"

The gangsta rap OG is unfiltered on the upcoming episode of "Drink Champs." //

There’s not a day that goes by that you can’t see Ice-T several times a day on his beloved, syndicated drama “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.” On Thursday night, however, the legendary MC goes off unscripted. The multi-media savant is the next guest on “Drink Champs” with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, and you get to see Ice talk about pimpin’, robbing jewelry stores, fathering gangsta rap, and breaking into Hollywood.

“Acting is lying,” Ice says on a segment of the show. “If I say ‘the next person that comes through the door, convince him you’re my manager.’ They said ‘where’d you learn how to act?’ I said ‘standing in front of a judge.’”

Everything Ice-T has talked about, he experienced personally - and as always on “Drink Champs,” nothing is off limits.

At one point in the conversation, Ice reflects on his beef with Soulja Boy.

“I was making a mixtape for one of my homies in the hood,” Ice began to explain. “I’m rapping for him free. So when I get into the booth, them niggas start saying ‘niggas don’t want to hear you, they want to hear Soulja Boy.’ They’re pumping me up to get me hot. Of course they hit my G bone, I was like ‘fuck you niggas.’ I went on a rant. Niggas taped it and put it on the front of their mixtape. That was one of my Ice-T old man rants. He was never supposed to hear that.

“Now, I’m in Arizona,” he continued, “minding my business. My son goes ‘Soulja Boy is on the internet talking shit about you. So they playing the tape back, he listening. I’m like ‘well I can’t back down, I did say the shit. So let me break down what I said.’ I told the nigga straight up, ‘this is how I feel’ and the rest is history. God bless Soulja Boy. Now you see this guy and look where his life is. You don’t really gotta do nothing to nobody. They gonna end up where they’re supposed to be because of their actions. So God bless him, good luck. But now he’s fighting gangstas. He wants to join the gangs.”

Besides his back and forth with Soulja Boy, Ice talks about his rivalry with LL Cool J. The 57 year-old also recounts being called out by Vice President Dan Quayle during the tumultuous "Cop Killer" controversy, having qualms about accepting his superstar-turning role in New Jack City, and later co-starring with Denzel Washington in the film Ricochet. The Ice-T episode of “Drink Champs” airs this Thursday on Revolt TV at 11 PM. After that, there will only be two more shows of the first season.

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