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Alessia Cara reveals she wrote for Rihanna's 'ANTi'

The "Here" singer may have penned something for #R9.

Artist // Twitter

UPDATE: Despite earlier reports that alleged Alessia Cara had worked with Rihanna on RiRi's upcoming album, Cara has since clarified her interview comments, saying it was actually ANTi she contributed to, but her work didn't make the final cut.

ORIGINAL: Though her ANTi album remains criminally underrated, Rihanna is moving on to new music. Well, at least according to Alessia Cara who revealed the news during a recent interview with JunoTV.

When asked what one of her "most lowkey, exciting" experiences of the last year had been, Cara picked her under-the-wraps artistic meeting with Rihanna. Though the partnering was professional and not personal, Cara admitted that she wanted to mentally cherish the moment instead of broadcast it. She said:

"I got to meet Rihanna, which was really crazy. I didn't even take a picture with her. I just met her and it was awesome. It was to work on her album, which was crazy. So I just went in there; I was like, 'Hi! Great to meet you! I love you!' and I just kind of did my thing and left and it was awesome. I don't even have her number. It was a 'hi' and 'bye.' I went for the handshake and she went for the hug. She was so sweet. I love Rihanna, I'm obsessed, just meeting her was crazy. And no one really knew about it. I didn't even want to take a picture because I'm, like, this moment is just, I'm gonna have this in my brain."

Can't wait to hear what the two ladies came up with.

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