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Reliving the Undertaker's legacy through rap lyrics


For almost 30 years, WWE wrestler The Undertaker lived the phrase “veni, vidi, vici.” With championship after championship and classic match-ups after classic match-ups, Taker undoubtedly came, saw and conquered everything put forth his way. But after Sunday night (April 2), it appears as though the long journey of the self-proclaimed Deadman has come to to an eventual end.

Following a loss to fellow wrestler Roman Reigns at the WWE’s biggest show of them all WrestleMania, the company’s premier event in which Taker chalks up the most wins, the living legend, born Mark William Calaway, removed his signature gear (gloves, top hat, trench coat) and left them in the middle of the ring only to walk out to kiss his wife (former wrestler Michelle McCool) and later head for the locker room without a word or taunt move. For once, the man who could be shoved in a casket, buried underground, burned alive, then resurrect back into the ring for the next Pay-Per-View and still grasp fans attention despite the ridiculousness, had finally hung his boots.

Less than an hour after the match, Taker’s iconic gear remained in the ring leading many to believe he had wrestled his last match.

As an ode to him and his far-reaching significance within and beyond sports entertainment, we lined up a series of rap references that speak up to the ubiquitous hashtag #ThankYouTaker.

“Shorty we bury niggas, the Undertaker” — T.I. ft. Young Dro, Young Buck, DJ Drama “Undertaker”

“Undertaker with the tattoos” — Drake ft. Quavo & Travis Scott “Portland”

“I slam a rapper head first like the Undertaker / Head-butt your whole skull in, nigga fuck a hater” — Danny Brown ft. Dopehead “Bruiser Brigade”

“When I was young I was addicted to the Wrestlemania / Maybe cause I had my back against the ropes / And I grew up Stone Cold just ready to face the Undertaker” — Big Sean “Get My Shit Together”

"Next up the Godfather Don making his way against the Undertaker and The Ultimate Warrior" — Cenobites “Lex Luger”

“My mansion got 80 acres / Trap underground, they calling me Undertaker” — Migos “No Label 2 (Intro)”

“Put 'em in a casket, like the Taker / 21-and-0 on you haters, 21 O’s” - Flatbush Zombies “Regular and Complex”

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