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Mary J. Blige Says She Was Hacked After Heated Tweet Towards Estranged Husband Went Viral

Singer Blames Hack For Lambasting Tweet

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A tweet came from Mary J. Blige's twitter page last night so incendiary that it seemed very much out of the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul's character. "Fck @Kenduissacs I fcking hate him and his whole family. I unfollowed him on IG & All of my fans need 2. #StrengthOfAWoman 4/28 #DuDeadDay."

These harsh words directed towards her estranged husband Kendu Issacs, whom she is going through a divorce with, obviously caused pandemonium on social media with many retweets and screen shots postings on Instagram. The Queen went viral. Well this morning, Blige spoke out and cleared things up.

"Hey guys. I was hacked with that message about Kendu," she tweeted. "I don't hate him & his family. Nor do I wish death on him. I just want this 2 B over."

On a recent visit to the Angie Martinez show, Mary said that Issac's exorbitant monetary demands in the divorce split were outlandish and were holding up the divorce proceedings.

"I’m still in it. It’s getting worse. It’s really not getting better. More bullshit," she said. "More nonsense, more denial, more stupidity. I can’t even believe it’s this bad. It should be over by now, but the games that are being played…it’s because of what’s happening in court. That’s why everything is bad.”

"The overwhelming disrespect," she added about why she wanted to end things. "You’re way too familiar and you’re disrespecting me and I can sense that I’m not what you want anymore because now you’re starting to throw questions around like, ‘Ok, why don’t you cook?’ ‘I haven’t been cooking,’ or ‘Why don’t you wear your hair like this?’ I never wore my hair like this, so what’s up with you? You start to realize that this man doesn’t want you and he’s just gone all the time. You’re by yourself in the relationship. When you realize you’re by yourself in the relationship and you’re just suffering through it, now it’s time to do some investigating... when I got the full proof, it was revealed. He's telling you all these lies."

Blige's new single is called "Love Yourself" and features Kanye West.

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