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Kendall Jenner reportedly terrified as outrage grows over controversial Pepsi Ad

Keeping up with the kontroversy

Kendall Jenner is traumatized from the controversial Pepsi ad that she starred in.

Escaping to Paris to get away from the drama, the 21-year-old returned to Los Angeles on Friday, April 7 covering her face and wearing black leather pants, white sneakers and a sweatshirt.

A source told HollywoodLife, “Kendall was grateful for the change. She is really traumatized over the Pepsi backlash.”

We hear that Kendall thought the ad was going to win the hearts of America and was shocked and distraught when it didn’t. Not sure why Kendall believes that America would feel wam and fuzzy after she hands a can of Pepsi to a police officer to end a major political and cultural protest.

The source continued to say, “She had such high hopes for it, and now she’s terrified she will never work again or become a laughing stock … The world sees her as this glamorous, sophisticated, jet-setting woman, but she’s only 21 and she’s very sensitive. This has been very painful and embarrassing to her.”

Yes, we only see the strategically placed glamorous images of Kendall and the Kardashian’s life, but now we also see a lack of depth and understanding of what is happening in today’s climate and culture —outside of high fashion and reality TV.

The source previously said, “She feels like the whole world hates her. She’s never had to deal with this kind of backlash, she’s so upset."

Let’s hope that Kendall’s pain and suffering goes away along with the pain and suffering of humanity and people all over the world.

You can watch the controversial ad here:

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