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DJ Holiday speaks on the "calculated genius" of 2 Chainz and prepping '4am in Decatur'

Holiday talks to REVOLT about his new single and upcoming project.

DJ Holiday opened ears, and the dance floor, earlier this month with the premiere of his hypnotizing, new single "Wassup Wid It" featuring 2 Chainz.

The record is both a reunion between the two Atlanta staples and a testament to the ongoing streak of the artist formerly known as Tity Boi. Just recently, Chainz appeared on Drake's More Life project, arguably stealing the show on the standout track "Sacrifices." But that's not all. The trail left after Daniel Son; Necklace Don, Hibachi for Lunch, and Collegrove have all added fuel to the run that continues to produce some of the game's most brilliant, whip-smart verses to date.

"Champions," "Good Drank," "I Want," "Big Amount," "No Problem," and the list goes on and on. With every guest appearance and/or mixtape that drop, the ATLien adds to his greatest hits catalog.

This rare skill is why DJ Holiday likes to call his pal a "calculated genius."

"He embodies what a rapper is supposed to do year in year out to stay on top," Holiday said to REVOLT. In a Q&A discussing the making of "Wassup Wid It," the Atlanta hitmaker speaks on his buzzing single, the genius of 2 Chainz, and just what surprises are in store for his upcoming project 4am in Decatur.

You credited this single as a product of your chemistry with 2 Chainz and watching his genius rise over the years. How did this record come together and what was the thought going into it?

Both of our schedules are pretty hectic due to us both working on new albums, his Pretty Girls Love Trap Music and myself working on 4am in Decatur. When we both got a few hours to really sit down, I discussed to him that the flow he's delivering on new records such as "Good Drank" and "Big Amount" were next level Chainz and I needed that exact same flow.

We searched his hard drive for hours looking for that perfect beat. He played me a lot of records that were dope. Some with full hooks and verses, some with just him just ripping, and crazy 30 to 40 bars but then we heard this joint Bobby Critical sent and it had a dope half way done hook on it we both looked at each other and said this it. The "Wasssup, wasssup, wid it" hook gave all us in the studio a boost of energy and he went in a knocked out that classic 2 Chainz flow I asked for and we all love. Instantly, we knew our city would f—k with this and we know we had a hit.

"Calculated genius" is how you described Chainz, which is something everyone is taking notice of now more than ever. What is it about 2 Chainz, as a rapper, that "makes him a calculated genius"?

Tit is a calculated genius to me because from day one he embodies what a rapper is supposed to do year in year out to stay on top. Being in the know and embracing the culture is important as a rapper. 2 Chainz is that rapper that's going to inform you about what type of shoes you should be wearing, what type of clothes you should be wearing, what type of car you should be driving. Hell, he does a online show about the most expensive sh-t [Laughs]. I know you watch that, I do.

"Wassup Wid It" is the first single from 4am in Decatur, what should fans expect from the project?

4am in Decatur is for all the trappers, grinders, dreamers and hustlers. This is my level up project for anyone who doubted me as a DJ, who is trying to push the wave, and leave a concrete legacy. I'm so thankful for every rapper that sent those verses back ASAP. 4am is a big party in my head with all my rapper friends that I invited and it's me djing an all night party for the world.

Any other features that you're excited about on the release?

I mean I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who's waiting for the project. But let's just say, I worked with pretty much everyone I've did a big mixtape with again.

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