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Diddy remembers his proudest moments of the Notorious B.I.G.

"To see him take that lead...that's a whole changed man."

Diddy // Twitter

Today marks the 20th anniversary since we lost one of the greatest talents to ever grace music, the Notorious B.I.G. The hashtag #WeMissYouBig is trending and fans and celebrities around the world are taking to social media, posting pictures, videos, and songs of Big in celebration of his legacy.

However, for Sean "Diddy" Combs, today is extra emotional and holds extra weight. While he says this is probably the toughest anniversary for him, he still holds the great memories of him and his friend dear to his heart.

Speaking in his Miami home on Tuesday, Diddy smiled when sharing and reliving some of Big's milestones.

"My two proudest moments of Big was, number one, when he won the Source Award," Puff began to describe. "I was really proud of him. He wanted that thing so bad. That was his championship. That was one of his shining moments. Then when the whole thing came together, when we was at the Soul Train music Awards. He's coming down in the elevator [onstage during his performance]. He's the Don. He's all cleaned up now. This is his return. Those were proud moments for me."

Diddy talks the three moments he felt proudest of Biggie and watching him mature from one album to the next.

Diddy also describes the change in his Bad Boy flagship artist as probably the most monumental event of all.

"Then another proud moment, was the interview he did at KMEL," REVOLT TV's Chairman added. "Just seeing him mature. I was always the one telling him, 'Let's protect, we gotta protect things. Let's not fall for the okie doke.' To see him take that lead and to see him articulate himself in that interview, that's a whole changed man. That's a whole different person from the Ready To Die person. Knowing you can have a positive impact on someone's life and they actually want to change. Life After Death, that album, you're seeing a man going from a gangsta rapper to a man actually evolving and changing. He's popping his shit [on the album]. He's going through his maturation, but he's giving you glimpses of what he wants to become and what's really inside him."

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