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Is being a star today more about having a formula or having raw talent?

REVOLT talks to Aaron "Dash" Sherrod, A&R of Interscope Records.

Over the last few years, we've heard more and more people question the direction of rap, hip-hop, and R&B. And social media has made it easy for listeners to criticize artists, whether they be veterans or of the newer generation. After all, Nicki Minaj was recently slammed for not being a "real rapper" during her beef with Remy Ma, but rising, trend-riding lyricists catch flack too. Case in point:

But numbers don’t lie, so if these guys aren't making real music, then how are they winning? It can make you wonder if becoming a star is more about having the correct equation (the look, the team, the backing, and the strategy) than it is about making (what some consider) "good" music.

REVOLT recently sat down with Aaron "Dash" Sherrod, A&R of Interscope Records, who explained that being a star is more than making significant music, but it's also more than having a formula.

“Star quality don’t come from talent, it’s two different things. You got to have the 'it' factor. That’s something that has to be in them. If that was the case then everybody on a label would be platinum, if we could just push a button and make it go.”

Dash and Dreezy
Dash and Dreezy

Dash, who is currently working with Dreezy and Playboi Carti, also says that it's the younger consumers who determine what we're listening to.

“We can’t get to this age and be like, 'Oh, that shit's trash.' You don’t understand that, but these fifteen, sixteen-year-olds, they understand that. They’re the ones setting the trends for what we rocking.”

Dash added, “Some people are stars, some people are not. If you got it, the only thing we can do is enhance it.”

So what success can be narrowed down to is the understanding that stars aren't manufactured, they're molded and that it takes more than talent to reach the next level. So don't be mad when you see someone you don't listen to topping the charts. It's their time, let's let them shine.

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