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Taxstone calls from prison to salute Casanova at mixtape listening party

The hip-hop podcast host made sure his presence was felt.

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Monday night (March 13) in New York City, Flatbush, Brooklyn's own Casanova hosted his first listening party and without a doubt proved to the city, track-after-track, that "Don't Run" won't be his last run.

It was shoulder-to-shoulder at Born Fly Corporate offices with about 100 people stuck outside bearing the cold with hopes of getting in to show their support as DJ Pretty Lou & Combat Jack, iconic names in the industry specifically when it comes to New York Hip Hop, narrated the night with vibes set by none other name DJ Miss Milan.

"Dear Beloved, how you holding up?" were the first words heard as Casanova started the night playing his first track on his project, an ode to Taxstone, a fellow Brooklynite and a loyal friend to the rapper most widely know from his "Tax Season" podcast which opened the doors, influenced, and changed lives of many people in that very room to choose a better route with their lives.

Casanova reiterated that same sentiment after performing his song as cheers of "Free Taxstone" started to rise from the crowd then he played a prerecorded phone call of Taxstone from "federal penitentiary" who said he was "held on charges I'm not guilty of, I'm just maintaining holding my head... it's really overwhelming; I really didn't realize how many people lives I've changed with doing 'Tax Season' and how many people really had love for me. I really appreciate it."

The tone of this project is a much-needed redirection of rap to its original aggressive essence. The next track heard I'm assuming is entitled "Stick & Move," a gritty NY song on which I haven't heard so much of an honest introduction of oneself and one's track record since Jay Z's "Interlude" from The Black Album.

"I feel like the Old 50...I'm going to bring that feeling back," Casanova stated last night before performing the next hard record on the tape, aptly titled "The Old 50." Cas cued his next song, featuring Chris Brown & Lo, called "OHB", which also did well amongst the crowd. Halfway through the night, the show was interrupted by Taxstone who made sure his presence was felt, this time with a live phone call to Casanova. Casonova's project, titled Be Safe Tho drops March 17. With emerging artists like Manolo Rose, Phreshaz, Big B'z, Thirsty 4 P.O.P, and Jaquae in attendance, it's safe to say the city of New York is united... #BeSafeTho.

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