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Chance the Rapper is considering selling his next album

But that doesn't mean he's "changing."

Chance the Rapper has made quite a name for himself as an independent artist having only delivered free, streaming-only mixtapes (see: making history on the charts and the Grammys), but that may not always be the lane he stays in.

In a recent interview with Complex, the artist said that his next project may be a proper one as, despite his independent status, he's not immune to wanting even more chart success.

In the interview you did with DJ Semtex, you talked about how your next project is going to be your first album, and that everything that’s preceded it was a mixtape. What is the distinction that you make between those two things?

Opening the scope. I think I might actually sell this album. That’s, like, a big step in itself. I kind of hate the fact that I can’t chart, really. I can chart, but the way they have the streaming shit set up is weak as f--k. It’s unfair. 1,500 streams is the equivalent to one [album sale], and that’s just, that’s unfair. Nobody listens to their songs [1,500] times when they buy it—f--k outta here! So, it makes it hard. I can’t really compete with other people. Not that the charts matters at all, but like, come on. Anyways, I think having it for purchase would be dope. Also, this is all hypothetical. There is no album. I can feel fans squirming in their chair, like, “Oh shit, he’s changing!” This is an idea.

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