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Jim Jones signs to Roc Nation after years of feuding

Looking back at the thorny history between the two sides.

Rob Hansen // REVOLT

Dipset and Roc Nation connect?

Ten or five years ago, the thought of Dipset and Jay Z uniting for anything would be met with laughter. In fact, the thought would have elicited this reaction. But here we are in 2017 with a once unimaginable thought becoming a reality. "Would you believe that," asked Jim Jones in a cryptic video post a few weeks back as he sat inside the Roc Nation offices. Now it appears that Jimmy and the Roc are now partners, as the Harlemite announced a new deal with Jay Z's booming record label.

On Tuesday (February 6), Vic Medina of Roc Nation posted a photo on Instagram of Jim Jones signing some paperwork, using the caption, "It's a done deal... Jim Jones/Roc Nation."

No details have been made clear just yet but the signing is interesting since it arrives as Jones and fellow Dipset general Cam'ron are at odds and it was less than two years when he last sent shots toward Jigga.

The history between Dipset and Jay Z has been as thorny as a bundle of dead roses. Let's take a quick look back in time.

2002: While Jay-Z is away on vacation, Jim Jones prematurely announces that Cam’ron has been appointed to Vice President at Roc-A-Fella. Cam would tell The Source that year, "I don't even know if Ima take on the role as of yet. Me and Dame are still talking about it, but I mean, I can have it. It's mine." Jay, who doesn’t agree with the move, tells the publication in the same 2002 issue, "That's not taking effect as of yet... I think the talk is a little premature as of right now."

2002: Riding high off the success of "Oh Boy," Cam'ron lead single for Come Home With Me, the group gets a surprise via a remix verse from Jay Z. "We walked into the studio, and Jay said, 'I got a surprise for y'all,'" said Juelz Santana in a 2011 interview explaining the lost story behind the supposed "Oh Boy" remix featuring Jay Z. "[At this point] we was wondering why he didn't want to jump on records that he could've jumped on already. So 'Oh Boy' is already out of this world, getting probably like ten thousand spins." That surprise turned out to be "Oh Boy" with a Jay Z verse.

"[Young] Guru pulls up 'Oh Boy,' with a Jay-Z verse. On top of the Jay-Z verse, he's dissing Nas!" From there, the infamous "erase the verse" would become a linchpin in the Diplomat vs. Jay Z history. "Cam made [Guru] erase the verse…to the point where Cam told Guru, 'You better erase that, I don't ever want to hear that."

According to Just Blaze, the verse still exists.

2004: After 10 years of releasing some of hip-hop's most influential records, Jay-Z, Damon Dash and Kareem "Biggs" Burke sell their 50 percent in Roc-A-Fella to Def Jam. Hov becomes President of Def Jam, taking control of the imprint. Dame goes on to create Dame Dash Music Group with Cam'ron and Dipset sticking close.

2006: As Jay-Z preps to drop Kingdom Come, Jim Jones releases "Kingdom Done." Jones, meanwhile, rides the year high with his "We Fly High" single. In response, Jay drops "Brooklyn High," coining the famous phrase, "Men lie, women lie, numbers don't." Jones later responds with another remix of the record this time featuring Juelz Santana. "Hey, Jay we appreciate you for the remix, baby. If you would have just called me, I might have put you on the remix, let you say ballin," Jones remarked. "They say imitation is the best form of flattery and I’m flattered, mutharfucka. What you can do for me is tell Nas to buy you a kuffi for Christmas, so I can smack that shit off your head. You and Nas remind me of the golden girls, two old bitches."

2007: As Jay Z preps to drop American Gangster, his tenth studio album, Jim Jones announces his own project, fittingly titled, Harlem's American Gangster. Hosted by Dame Dash, Jones described the controversy behind the title, stating, "I know the trials and tribulations that Dame went through. In my eyes, people like that are the real Harlem American gangsters... I watched him pay himself through private school. ... Roc-A-Fella, the run that they had was bigger than any dope run any drug dealer could ever imagine. Now he's sitting back reaping the benefits. ... He's one of the wealthiest people I know, period. ... Plus, the whole [controversy], Roc-A-Fella [breaking up], him, the whole Jay thing, it was a good spice. [Dame is] just venting, saying how he really feels. Same way I feel."

2009: In preparation for his album Pray IV Reign, Jim Jones releases the hit single "Pop Champagne." The auto-tuned track is later followed up by "Na Na Nana Na Na." Jay, who covers XXL in September 2009, speaks on the lack of growth and content from artists in the current era of hip-hop. To explain his point, he references Jones and the latter track. "I mean, like, Jim Jones, for example. And I don't mean this because we never see eye to eye. He made "Na Na Nana Na." [Laughs] What's the difference between "Smiley Face" (by Trey Songz and Soulja Boy) and "Na Na Nana Na"? "Na Na Nana Na Na" could've been called "Smiley Face."

2009: Jones pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault following a 2008 altercation inside a Manhattan boutique with the brother of Roc Nation's Tyran "Ty Ty" Smith, who is one of Jay's closest associates. The altercation took place at the Fifth Avenue Louis Vuitton store, where police say Jones punched and kicked someone who was traveling with Ne-Yo.

2010: Jim Jones joins Cam'ron on "Toast Freestyle."

2015: In the wake of a still bizarre (and random) Funkmaster Flex beef with Jay Z, Cam'ron and Jim Jones hop over Puff Daddy's "Victory" beat and throw shots at their Roc Nation rival. "Having money, that don't make you a real one / You stepped on the court, you gon' play my game / Just take shawty's advice and say my name," raps Cam.

2017: Following friction with Cam'ron, Jim Jones signs to Roc Nation. Guess the 40/40 Club ban is now lifted?

In the words of Jimmy himself, "How do you feel about that?"

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