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Actor Ray Guercy, "Miz" from "Money and Violence" leaves the show

The actor announced via Instagram that he's no longer apart of the drama.

Moise Verneau

The streets are feeling a sickness in the pits of their collective stomachs. The highly successful cult favorite, "Money and Violence" apparently lost one of their main and most loved characters today.

Actor Rene "Ray" Guercy who co-stars as "MAV's" Miz, announced via Instagram today he's no longer apart of the drama.

"Good day Instagram family," Ray wrote on his @ray_day9 page " I don't want to mislead people so I would love for you guys to hear it from me first. I'm no longer part of the Money and Violence cast, nor do I want any association with the project. Those who have watched and supported my journey in becoming an actor, it's appreciated and my acting career won't stop because of this. You have to stand for something or fall for anything. With that being said, God will continue blessing me because I stayed true to myself and never hated."

Just several days ago, Ray sat down with REVOLT to talk about his expansion into movies, but he still spoke well "Money and Violence."

"We didn't do a web series to be stars. It just so happens. I feel like it's a blessing.

"We're filling that void," he added about the wave of web series that have some since Money and Violence exploded on the net. You're going to have other stuff, but that void is already filled. We motivate other people to go pick up a camera. And do it."

"Money and Violence's" first season was seen on the Cloud9Tv website and YouTube. Season two had their episodes premier exclusively on Jay Z's Tidal platform. The series' show runner, director and writer Moise Verneau aka Mo, is currently in talks with several outlets for a new home for the show.

Mo didn't directly address Ray leaving the program as of yet, but he did have an outlook on life and relationships to share on his Instagram page @cloud9tv.

"Never fault people for what they are. Even if they fault you for what they're not. No man is your friend. No man is your enemy. Every man is your teacher... #MoneyAndViolence."

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