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Consequence reveals and relives legendary battle with Rev Run in Queens

"At that time, a star of his magnitude to even hear me out and start going at it, that's already the stamp."

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Consequence’s ties with Run-DMC go much deeper than having DMC appear in his classic 2007 video “Uncle Raheim” or collaborating with Diggy Simmons on “I’m V.I.P.” Cons and A Tribe Called Quest grew up less than a mile from the Kings of Rock’s Hollis, Queens stomping grounds and about 25 years ago, Run—cocky ass, always ready to spit, always in the center of attention, pre-his being a Reverend—came to visit Tribe. While Phife was nowhere to be found and it’s still unclear if he ever got a chance to kick it with Tip, Ali, or Jarobi, Run did come across Tip’s cousin Consequence.

A few weeks ago, while visiting the Drink Champs show with hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, Tribe and Cons began to speak about a magical night back in the day when Run and Cons battled right there on the block. However, with drinks and stories flowing rapidly, Cons didn’t quite get a chance to fully tell about the momentous occasion.

Here, REVOLT TV went right back to Tribe’s hood and spoke to Consequence about that legendary night. In his own words, Cons-To-The-Quence finally reveals what happened during his battle with Run.

The Spot: Nu Clear Cleaners, 192nd St. and Linden Blvd. in Queens

Circa: 1992-93

"'Low End Theory''s out. Tribe is at the top of their game and I'm kinda coming up in the streets for the rap thing. I already made a name in the neighborhood or whatever the case may be; people starting to take it seriously. We’re all out here one night and this used to be the communal stomping grounds for everybody. Everybody use to come through here; the hustlers, the shooters, the crackheads, the D-Boys, whatever, you name it. At that time, there was no social media so everybody had to come through a block to see what was going on with everybody. Obviously, Run-DMC at this time was legendary, already legendary. [They] had broken barriers for everybody. First rap group on MTV and they happened to be, literally, less than 20 blocks from here.

So one night, we’re all outside, the regular Linden crew. And what happened was Spank G (legendary MC from Queens) and CoCheeks (who would later become Mr. Cheeks from the Lost Boyz)—rest in peace Freaky Ty—they wanted to battle Phife. We coming off of 'Low End Theory,' Phife got the legendary verse off "Scenario," he's got legendary verses all over 'Low End Theory,' period. It's retarded. They wanted to battle him, they came through. The same night, Busta came through, he was working with RumpleTILskinz and Run. We all outside getting to it, just chopping it up, trying to find out where Phife was at.

Run got out [of his car] and I want to make it clear, for me, to even rap with Run at that time in a battle, a cipher, was a priceless opportunity. It's timing, destiny. At that time, a star of his magnitude to even hear me out and start going at it with the raps, that's already the stamp. That situation, we was talking about it on the 'Drink Champs,' Busta didn't even remember. It was really that encounter what made Bus go to Q-Tip and say, 'Cuz' got biz. I didn't even know he got biz like that.' To clarify, when I say 'battle,' it wasn't a hostile, disrespectful thing. [Run] got out [of his car], I'm out here, that's Run. He start rappin, 'Oh word?' Boom boom boom. That night for me meant everything. I got the respect of my cuz that night, I got the respect of Run-DMC.

He's Run, so for me, we have a level of aggression on this side of Queens when it comes to money and music. [LL Cool J] lived literally a two-minute drive from here. The '90s around here was a real special time in the neighborhood. A lot of people captured opportunity. It was a real fertile time. Run couldn't get out the car, a superstar, and I don't rap 'cause when he leaves, my crew, the Linden Crew and the HGs, they gonna be like, 'Yo man, he didn't get none of that work?' I didn't know when he was coming back. It's time. You either ready or you're not. That's how Queens works. You're either ready or you're not. I was ready that night. Dead ready."

Drink Champs with Consequence and A Tribe Called Quest airs tonight at 11:30pm ET following the 2017 Global Spin Awards.

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