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Trump nominates Gorsuch to Supreme Court, Democrats set to resist

Gorsuch needs 60 Senate votes to avoid filibuster.

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Trust Donald Trump to take the hallowed occasion of announcing a nominee for Supreme Court and turning it into a reality TV like event. Except this one wasn't made for TV, but rather made for Facebook Live, where the President livestreamed the announcement to over 11 million people. It was carried by network TV too, of course, and through the season-finale styled dramatics we learned that Donald Trump is nominating federal appeals court judge Neil Gorsuch for the highest court in the land.

Gorsuch would fill the seat previously held by the ultra-conservative and now deceased Justice Antonin Scalia. Gorsuch is seen as ideologically similar to Scalia, though with a less brash judicial style and temperament.

While Presidents usually enjoy a default position of "confirm unless unqualified" from the Senate with respect to appointments and nominations, Democrats are still stinging over Republicans refusing to consider Obama's nominee to fill Scalia's seat, Merrick Garland.

It goes deeper than that, though. Democrats are also alarmed by Trump's executive order to ban refugees and immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries, in addition to his firing acting Attorney General Sally Yates who refused to enforce his order, and see these actions as an overreach of executive power.

Trump may think Gorsuch is a slam dunk, but this nomination process is going to be deeply contested, and may well be more about the President than the Supreme Court.

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